Scar therapy Q&A

Scar Therapy FAQ: Scarring and Silicone

What causes scars?
Scars are a mark that indicates the skin’s attempt to heal itself. When damage to the skin’s top layer occurs, cells quickly multiply to form new cells to fill in the gap. When a wound goes deeper into the underlying skin tissue, cells that form collagen are stimulated and they fill in the gap, producing abundant fibrous connective tissue. If the density of this new tissue is relatively small, it is usually replaced by normal a skin layer over time. When the mass of new tissue is extensive, it is associated to cell damage and the fibrous tissue remains.

What are hypertrophic and keloid scars?
These are scars that have healed with an excessive buildup of collagen, causing them to be thick, raised and sometimes darker than your surrounding skin. A hypertrophic scar won’t grow beyond the initial injury or incision site and may resolve on its own over time. A keloid scar may grow larger than the injury site and continue to grow without treatment. Keloids may also remain itchy and uncomfortable.

Do some people scar worse than others?
Genetic factors are believed to play a role in the scarring process. Certain ethnic groups – Asians, Latinos and blacks – may have a predisposition to form more prominent scars, such as keloid or hypertrophic scars.

Why did my scar turn white?
New scars are red or purple in color as a result of damaged blood vessels and inflammation. These are hyperpigmented scars. Older scars are usually white in color or hypopigmented as a result of inflammation and damage to blood vessels and loss of pigment-producing cells.

How long does it normally take for scars to fade to their final color?”
In general, major scars from surgery or injury take from six to twelve months to fade to their final color.

Is there any way to change the appearance of scars or make them fade away?
Rejuveness is the leader in scar therapy treatment options that truly affect the appearance of scars. Our scar treatment effectively makes scars imperceptible or reduces the appearance of scars to a minimum.

What kinds of scars does ReJuveness work on?
ReJuveness is ideal for managing both old and new scars resulting from burns, surgical procedures and traumatic events.

What is silicone sheeting?
ReJuveness® silicone occlusive sheeting is soft, durable, medical-grade pure silicone manufactured in the USA under expert technical supervision. Silicone sheeting has been clinically proven to be the most effective treatment to prevent, manage and reduce hypertrophic and keloid scarring resulting from burns and injuries, surgery, acne, tattooing and piercings.

Does silicone sheeting help with scars that are red and purple in color?
Yes. ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets and ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream work very well in treating scars with red and purple coloring.

Can ReJuveness prevent scarring?
Yes. ReJuveness can prevent hypertrophic and keloid scarring and the symptoms that accompany these disorders.

Does ReJuveness have any side effects?
No, but as with any topical device applied directly to the skin’s surface, some type of skin reaction to ReJuveness (usually sweat rash) is possible.

I underwent bypass surgery last July and my 7-inch long scar in my chest developed into a keloid. Will this sheeting help me with my problem?
If you aren’t on any blood thinners, then the combination of the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream and ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets should reduce your scar. It is 7.2 inches long. If you are on a blood thinner, just use the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream.

Is silicone sheeting safe to use during pregnancy?
Yes. The FDA considers ReJuveness silicone sheeting a class 1 bandage, which is the safest rating.

Can ReJuveness be used anywhere on the body?
Yes. When used as directed, ReJuveness can be used on any part of the body.

I am requesting more information on your product. We are a plastic surgery center and have suggested Neosporin Scar Pads until recently.
Although silicone sheeting for scar management is frequently lumped into a homogeneous group, there is a distinction between types of silicone. Neosporin produces a gel sheeting, which we believe – from a scientific point of view and from reports from patients who have used lower-grade silicone gel products offered in chain pharmacies – are inferior to the professional grade silicone sheeting made by ReJuveness. The physicians we work closely with have discovered that ReJuveness professional-grade products are not only more effective, but are less expensive over time. Unlike gel sheeting, ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets do not degrade and fall apart after a few uses. A single sheet can be washed and reused for up to a year of treatment.

Is ReJuveness better than Mederma?
For doing what it says it does – reducing and preventing scars – ReJuveness products are much better than Mederma. This has been demonstrated both clinically and under scientific scrutiny. An international panel of 12 scientific and medical experts reviewed both the scientific evidence and experience in the clinic and scientific peer-reviewed papers and deemed silicone sheeting the number one treatment for problem scarring. Mederma was mentioned as a treatment that had been found non-effective.

Interested to know how the Hyper-Heal cream works. How is it different from any other burn cream?
ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream isn’t a treatment for fresh burns. It is specifically designed to prevent and reduce scarring. A transdermal cream, it penetrates beyond the upper layers of skin with ceramides, cholesterol, essential fatty acid and phytosphingosine. It basically provides nutrients to reestablish the top layers of skin from the inside out and perhaps affect the kinase C healing cascade. Very little of the cream is put on at a time, so it can be worn by itself or using the ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets over it.

What is the best product for treating a surgical scar?
It depends how healing is going and what you would like to achieve. If the scarred area is still red or raised, ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets would be indicated. If the scar is older and raised -such as a hypertropic or keloid scar, ReJuveness products can reduce the scar. If the scar is flat and turning white, it has healed properly, and it is unlikely that ReJuveness will be beneficial.

I was unsure as to what would be the best scar treatment for me because where I need treatment is my arms and legs. Our cat had kittens and they left fleas in my carpet. Everywhere they bit me left a spot. The fleas are gone, but I have spots on my arms and legs. I’m not sure which silicone sheet would be best. I would love to have normal arms again.
If your scars are darker and flat, the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream would work best. If they are raised, also add ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets.

Scar Therapy FAQ: Using ReJuveness

Is it better to alternate using the silicone with and then without the cream? I’m trying to reduce redness on a month-old scar. I’ve been using the silicone & cream together at the same time.
Everyone heals differently, so you can experiment. Usually we recommend using ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream by itself during the day and using the sheeting with a new application of the cream in the evening.

Do I have to wear ReJuveness everyday?
Yes. You should wear ReJuveness daily. Start by wearing it 2 to 3 hours the first day and gradually increase your wearing time by 1 to 2 hours a day. For best results, you should wear ReJuveness for at least 8 hours a day; however, it is possible to wear it for up to 48 hours.

How long will it take until my scar becomes less noticeable?
The duration of scar management varies from person to person. Treatment results depend on the age and severity of your scar and whether you wear your ReJuveness daily as directed. You can expect 6 to 12 weeks.

Will my scar disappear completely?
ReJuveness can soften, smooth and flatten your scar and dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. Keep in mind, though, that there will always be some evidence of the scar.

Does ReJuveness come in different shapes and sizes?
Yes. Just like scars, ReJuveness comes in many shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs. You can even cut ReJuveness without damaging the sheet.

Where should I keep my ReJuveness sheet when I’m not using it?
When you’re not using it, keep ReJuveness in the convenient pouch provided in the package.

Are there other ways to attach ReJuveness to the skin besides ReJuveness tape?
Yes. ReJuveness can be placed under tight clothing, with ace bandages or other medical tapes. You can buy ReJuveness tape from your pharmacist or order it directly from ReJuveness at 1-800-588-7455. If you prefer you can also purchase it online at our online store.

Can ReJuveness be used with other scar revision therapies?
Yes. ReJuveness can be used as an adjunct with other scar therapies. Consult your physician for appropriate adjunct therapies.

Is it okay to cut the silicone sheet so it will be easier to wear?
Yes, cut the ReJuveness silicone sheet to size with small scissors or an X-ACTO knife.

Can you bathe or swim while wearing silicone sheeting?
Yes, you can bathe in ReJuveness silicone sheeting if you like.

I assume there is no tape that comes with the sheeting and that you have to buy the tape separately, is this correct?
Four feet of tape comes in the It is intended to be enough for the small pieces, but for the larger silicone pieces the tape is intended to give the patient a chance to see if they like it. Any tape can be used, but ReJuveness Hypoallergenic Tape is specifically designed to hold the silicone sheeting in place without damaging it.

I just started using the sheets with the cream, and I was curious as to how to tape the sheeting down. Does it need to be taped on all four sides or just the two longest? My strips are about nine inches long and 1.5 inches wide. Should I tape all four sides down?
Tape the sheeting down in the way which is most comfortable and secure for you. It can also be secured with snug clothing. You can keep the sheeting on for two to three days at a time and shower with it on. The more you wear the sheeting, the better the results.

I bought the Silicone Sheets and the Scar Cream a few weeks ago. In the Scar Cream instructions, it says that for best results, the cream should be used along with the Silicone Sheets. I’ve been applying the cream and after an hour or so, once it has been absorbed by the skin (or at least it seems that way), I place the Silicone Sheet. I think I’m getting good results but I’ve been wondering, isn’t it possible that by using the cream, I could be diminishing some of the benefits I could get with the Silicone Sheets alone ? After all, a layer of cream could be preventing the Silicone Sheet from touching directly the skin, couldn’t it?
ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream is transdermal, so it penetrates to the lower layers of the skin. It sounds as if your protocol is perfect.

Is there any possible way that my scars can heal in less than two months?
Every healing process is different, but treatment time for most scarring issues is 6 weeks to three months. ReJuveness products will flatten your scars and bring them to normal skin color. Immediately post-surgical scars take about six weeks to heal.

Scar Therapy FAQ: Facial scars (Acne, skin cancer, injuries)

Can I use ReJuveness even though I’m using some other products, or do I need to stop? I am using acne creams and moisturizers that need to be used morning and evening and stay on all day.
I would test using your current creams with the silicone sheeting. In many instances, the silicone sheeting improves the effectiveness of these. ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream acts almost like a super moisturizer. You can safely test using your existing products with the sheeting and see if it works for you.

I have a few acne scars, like the kind that chicken pox would leave – depressed ones. Would silicone sheets fill this in somehow?
Although not indicated for indented scars, patients report back very positive results with filling the holes from acne scarring, especially with the combination of ReJuveness silicone sheeting and ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream. The treatment can take 3-9 months of daily use of at least eight hours a day.

I have acne scars on my cheeks. I have tried laser surgery, but it didn’t work as well as I thought it would. My scars are bumpy. I was wondering if you have products that can possibly help me, and if so which ones?
Many patients with acne scars have had very good results using a combination ReJuveness silicone sheeting and ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream after other procedures such as laser treatments have not worked. Nothing in medicine is 100%, but you have a very good chance ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets will work.

I would like to know which of the creams would you recommend to me because I have a very dark acne scar for long time already, and have tried so many brands that did not work at all. Please suggest?
The best chance is the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream in combination with the ReJuveness® Silicone Sheeting. Hyperpigmentation has many causes and some are much more difficult to treat than others.

I have some small chickenpox scars on my face from about 2 months ago. They are slightly indented and reddish in colour. What is the best thing for me to buy?
The best treatment will be a combination of ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets and ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream.

Hi. I have mild indentation-type acne scars which I would like to remove if possible. They are not easy to detect unless in certain lights, but I am very self conscious about them. Is your acne scar cream a permanent solution? Please can you tell me more about how it works? I have tried numerous products which haven’t worked
Although ReJuveness scar management products are not currently indicated for indented scars, patients have reported back great results using them. ReJuveness® Silicone Sheeting is the main part of the treatment. You have to figure out what areas you want to address and get the correct size from there. You can cut the pieces you need to size and you may want to get a little extra because although the sheeting is usable, is washed between uses and lasts up to a year, smaller pieces are easy to misplace. Plan on a six month treatment time, wearing the sheeting at least eight hours a day. The more you wear it, the sooner you will see results. It is taped in place, but you can bathe with it on. The ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream makes the healing process go much quicker with better results. Patients swear they get great successful results where all other treatments have failed them.

I recently had a motorcycle accident and scraped my face on the ground pretty badly. The skin has healed, but the affected areas are pink (reddish) compared to the normal skin tone. Please recommend a product to treat this.
It sounds as if you are healing normally, but when the normal healing is complete, the scarred area may become hypopigmented, or whiter than your normal skin tone. Once the skin becomes hypopigmented, there is very little that can be done. Treating the healing wound with ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets can prevent hypopigmenation. You may want to add ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream for better results. You should start as soon as possible if you decide to go this route.

I would like an honest opinion if this product would be beneficial to helping pitted scars to become less noticeable and/or raised. I know that every skin type is different and I’ve heard all that and heard the “it takes time.” I would really just like an honest reply rather than just another sucker punch online company making millions from depressed saps like me wanting to look in the mirror one day and just be simply amazed by something that works.
Reputation is worth more than the sale. The process may take six months or more of daily usage. If the scars are on your face, you will want to wear the sheeting at least eight hours at night. Apply the scar cream twice daily, on its own during the day and under the sheeting at night.

Nearly 3 weeks ago, I had removal of skin cancer on my face (on the cheek, near the nose), and a large facial flap to cover the removal of skin. I have a lengthy scar as a result. Can the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream be used during the day and the ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets be used at night?
Yes. That would be the recommended protocol for your facial scarring.

Three months ago I got into a fight and received 7 stitches above my lip in the mustache area. Now there is a scar which is about 1 inch long. Can you tell me what is needed to get rid of the scar, please? Right now, it is dark, red and lumpy on the inside and a bit shiny on the outside. I’ve been using Mederma ever since I got the scar, which doesn’t really work. Please tell me what I have to purchase.
Independent studies have shown that Mederma, an onion derivative, has limited effectiveness. Hundreds of studies have confirmed the effectiveness of topical silicone, and it is the gold standard for treatment by burn units, trauma centers and surgeons. The best treatment for you would be a combination of the ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets and ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream. If you have a mustache, the sheeting probably won’t be able to adhere to the scar tissue. In that case, you can use the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream on its own.

Back in November, I was bitten by my dog in the face. It left a scar about an 1/2 inch long on my upper lip up to my nose. I have been using Mederma 3-4x day, and it seems to be working a little, but would the silicone sheeting work to speed up the healing at night?
ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets would improve the healing greatly, according to studies done by Mederma. The addition of ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream would work even better than the Mederma, according to patients that have made that switch.

I was frying chicken for my daycare children and oil popped on my face, leaving two small scars on my nose. I am trying to find a product to restore skin color from the burn.
ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream should work for that type of burn. Try the small 17 gram size.

I have acne and acne scars at the moment. I wanted to know if I use the scar cream, can it cause me to break out more?
Our scar healing products will help your acne scars. The silicone sheets are antibacterial and help the skin absorb healing creams.

I have a burn scar on my face. It is thick in the center, about 3 cm to 4 cm in length. It is also darker in the middle. Will your product work for me in flattening the scar and help give back the color? If this product works, I would like to buy both the cream and the silicone sheets, but how will I use it together?
From what you describe, it sounds like ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream and ReJuveness® Adhesive Silicone Sheeting would be a good application to flatten and bring your scar back to normal color. A small tube of cream and a silicone disk should do the job. A good protocol would be to apply a little dab of cream in the morning and rub in gently. In the evening, reapply the Hyper-Heal Cream and wear the sheeting while you sleep. Treatment time is usually 6 weeks to three months, but the silicone sheeting is washable and reusable for that entire time.

I had a protrusion on my upper lip, which was surgically removed more than 3 years ago. A scar has formed where the stitches had been. It’s raised and runs across my upper lip. Help! What can I do to erase the scar, or make it unnoticeable?
A combination of ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets and ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream can help flatten and bring back to normal coloring to your lip scar. You can order these products from this website.

Scar Therapy FAQ: Fresh scars

I had a car accident a little over two weeks ago, and I had a red abrasion burn and some broken skin too. Now it’s still a red streak across my neck and chest, about 8 or 9 inches long. Should I use the 10-inch sheet and the cream? Do you think the red color will fade? My skin is very pale and shows marks easily.
The marks you describe sound as if they will go away. ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets and ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream will prevent problem scarring such as keloids, as well as prevent hypopigmentation (whiteness.)

I cut my hand on a glass whilst washing up yesterday. The cut is about 2 inches long and I have had 14 stitches. Please can you recommend a scar treatment for me?
For the best chance for near scarless results, a combination of ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets and ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream works best.

Scar Therapy FAQ: Older Scars

Will I be able to use this on old scars and keloids?
If the old scar is a keloid, yes. It will work. You may want to add ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream to the regimen. If the old scar is flat and white, the products will not be effective.

I have skin grafting on my breasts, arm and neck due to being burnt with boiling water when I was 1 years of age. I am now 34, so the scars are very old. Will these silicone sheets be any help to me?
If the scars are raised and darker, ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets will help flatten and bring them back to normal color. If they are white and flat, there is probably nothing more that can be done.

I have a dark burn that’s 2 years old caused by a chemical peel. What would work best for this burn?
Use both ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream and ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets.

I have 10-year-old stretch marks on my breasts, calves and back. How effective is this treatment for improving stretch marks?
ReJuveness products are effective on early stretch marks that are still red. Older stretch marks must be addressed by a medical professional.

I’ve had a tiny old scar on my face for around 15 years now, resulting from a mole that was taken out by some butcher pretending to be a surgeon. At the time I didn’t know that I could have had the mole removed with a laser beam, so I agreed to undergo surgery.
Although not indicated for indented scars, ReJuveness silicone sheeting does fill in these holes for some patients. The treatment time is usually longer, six months or so. The whiteness in the scar usually indicates a mature healed scar, which most of the time means nothing more can be done. So the candid answer is that ReJuveness may help your situation, but we could not make any promises.

I have a scar on my face from when I was 3 years old. I am now 34. I am a light-skinned black. The scar is not raised. It is indented on my right side and the indented part is darker than the rest of me. So when you look at me, you see a fine slanted line that is very thin and almost as long as your pinky. I have used prescription bleaching cream, but nothing works. I know everyone is different and without seeing a picture, what do you suggest I use? And do you know when I would see any type of result? If the discoloration was not in the scar, you wouldn’t hardly see it. I would like for the color in the scar to be the same color as my face.
That is a pretty old scar. You may want to try a combination of the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream and ReJuveness silicone sheeting. A more aggressive approach would be to ablate the area with a chemical peel or laser and then use the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream and silicone sheeting.

I have a -year-old tummy tuck scar. It healed very poorly, with keloids across the entire scar and also is a dark brown color. Do you feel your product would help me? The Dr. suggested a surgery to remove the scar and reclose. With 5 kids, I really don’t want or have the time to recover from another surgery.
ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets is definitely your first line of defense to noninvasively correct your scarring problems. Plan a 6-week to 3 month treatment time. Add the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream to the treatment, especially for the areas that are keloiding. Make sure you don’t apply too much cream. Just a small dab twice a day and rub it in gently. Then, when your scar flattens out and comes back to normal color, be sure to show and tell your doctor so he knows what to recommend to his next patient who has the same problem. If you had used ReJuveness right after surgery you would never have had these scarring problems. Some patients even report back near scarless results.

I have chicken pox scars. Do you think silicone sheeting will help?
Patients report back good results on chicken pox scars using a combination of ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets and ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream. Treatment time can be a bit longer than regular scars, up to six months of daily use.

About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with shingles and I have a small scar on the right side of my forehead. The scar looks like a burn and it itches really bad.
Even though the scar is old, it is still remodeling, which is why it is uncomfortable. ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets will take care of your symptoms of itchiness and will initiate the proper healing of your scar.

I have old scars on my legs that I got when I was 8 and now I’m 26 years old. The question is, can the silicone sheeting and scar cream can make my old scars totally disappear?
If your old scars are white or lighter than the skin surrounding them and flat, ReJuveness products will not be able to improve them. If your scars are darker and raised or indented, then ReJuveness products can help flatten them and bring them back to normal color.

Scar Therapy FAQ: Breast Scars

I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Can the silicone sheets be cut and applied elsewhere if I wanted to get one sheet for my tummy tuck area and use remaining for breast aug area? Also, I am assuming you never remove the sheet? Do you take it off in the shower and if so, does it reapply just as well?
You can wear the silicone sheeting for 2 to 3 days at a time and take a shower with it on. Just make sure you keep it clean. We make silicone sheets specifically cut to accommodate various types of surgical incisions more comfortably, but there is nothing to prevent you from buying a large silicone sheet and cutting it to your own specifications. ReJuveness® Breast Surgery Silicone Scar Sheets come in pairs of 2.75-inch (7mm) circles, 2.75- and 4-inch lollypops, as well as 9- and 11-inch arcs. The arcs are sheer, thinner and more pliable to better fit the folds under the breast. The largest tummy tuck sheet is 3 inches by 30 inches.

I was wondering if any of your scar products would help with old breast scarring. I had a breast reduction 5 years ago, which has resulted in a T-shaped scar. The vertical scar at the front of the breast leading down from the nipple is thick and raised and red, even after all this time. The scarring under the breast in the crease and around the nipple is faded, pale and thin, but still raised, especially at each end of the crease, which can show depending on what type of top I have on, and swimwear. Can any of your products help with either type of scar problem that I have? Also do you have a supplier in the UK or do you ship to the UK?
ReJuveness® Silicone Sheeting will flatten your scars and bring them back to normal color. Because your scars are a little older, you may want to add Hyper-Heal cream to the regimen. This will give quicker and more aesthetic-looking results. If the shape of the scar is curved at the bottom, you should probably get the silicone sheet tailored for breast reduction. To get the correct size – measure from end to end straight across, not along the curve of the scar. ReJuveness offers 9- or 11-inch arced sheets. To keep the sheeting in place, wear a sports bra. It is usually worn while you are sleeping. We ship directly to the United Kingdom and usually takes about a week for it arrive.

I had breast surgery 7 months ago with a crease incision. The scars are still slightly raised and pinkish in color. Will using the cream alone make them appear softer and restore a more natural color? I don’t wanna get steroid injections- only as a last resort.
The cream alone will help reduce and soften your scars. The combination of sheeting and cream has proven more effective.

I have very bad stretch mark scars on my breasts from nursing. They are more than 2-years old. Will the silicone sheets or cream be able to help?
They will help the stretch marks if they are still reddish, but if they are white or brown, unfortunately, ReJuveness won’t help.

Scar Therapy FAQ: Scarring in Children

Can children use ReJuveness?
Yes. When used as directed, children can use ReJuveness products as an effective scar treatment.

My daughter has had two accidents that have left scars within the last month. She is two. How long do the silicone strips need to stay on? Do you need to do more than one treatment?
Yes, the treatment is safe for children. Treatment time is 6 weeks to three months for at least eight hours a day. The sheeting can be worn while she is sleeping.

My daughter had her face cut in September. Her wound is about 1 centimeter long. We have been using Mederma for Kids on the scar for three months. The scar is still reddish and stitch marks are still seen. Could you please tell me what to use in this case?
The best treatment for your daughter’s scar is a combination of ReJuveness silicone sheeting and ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream.

My 8-year-old son had a little chunk of skin taken from his forehead right above the bridge of his nose by a tree branch. The scar is very small and appears to be slightly sunken, like a little divot. The scar is pretty red, even though it has been 2 1/2 weeks. Do you recommend a product to treat this or should I leave it alone? I have been told not to use silicone since the scar is not raised. I would like to do something to minimize any future scar if possible.
Although silicone sheeting is not indicated for indented scars like you describe, we have had patients report back very positive results of scars filling in after using ReJuveness silicone sheeting. Better results are obtained when the treatment includes ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream. We don’t know why the silicone sheeting is able to do this is some cases.

My granddaughter has severe scarring on arms and legs from scratching insect bites. They are large, and due to her skin tone have turned brown. She appears to have a disease. She will not dress in anything but pants. She has failed PE due to this. Will this work?
I think there is a good possibility ReJuveness will work. Try purchasing a small ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream and some small discs. Then test these two products in combination on a few of the scars. Put a small amount of ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream, rub it in gently. Put the ReJuveness silicone sheeting over it. Keep on for a couple of days. She can bathe with them on. If you start to see improvement (this could take a couple of weeks to a month) then we can think of addressing both legs. You can apply the purchase price of the discs to purchasing a larger piece which can be used and cut up to address the whole leg area

My daughter (10 years old) had an accident, which left her with a scarred/rough area very close to her right eye. We had been advised to wait 8 months by a plastic surgeon to allow the area to mature. We currently use a special cream and massage the area daily – I just heard about your product today. Can your silicone tape be used so close to the eye? Is their any age restriction for use of this product?
You should follow your physician’s instructions. While ReJuveness products are safe for all ages, your doctor is best able to determine treatment for your daughter’s specific injury. Creams may irritate the eye.

I would like to know would you recommend this product for my 4-year-old’s circumcision scar, which is 3-years-old now. It is quite lumpy where the skin was removed. Would it be safe to put the sheets on this area? I have already used cream on it, which has improved the color, but want to smooth out the bumps.
Yes, the use of the sheeting should flatten and smooth out the bumpy areas.

My 4-year-old daughter had a head injury one month ago. She now has three scars – 5cm, 2cm and 1cm wide – on her forehead, which have turned dark pink at the moment. What do you suggest? Silicone sheets and the cream, or would the silicone sheets only suffice?
The best treatment protocol would be the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream and ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets. Use the cream by itself during the day and then use the combination of the cream and the sheeting at night. Just the silicone sheeting will work also, but better results can be expected from the combination of cream and sheeting.

Scar Therapy FAQ: Scarring on darker skin

I had my eyebrows waxed couple years ago and they used a twizzler. I am a dark-skinned person and my skin color was taken off near my eyebrow. It’s now is a lighter color. I want to bring my skin color to normal.
The cream alone will help reduce and soften your scars. Used in combination with with ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets, the results will be better.

Are the silicone sheets supplied in multiple colors for different skin pigmentation? Dark, light, etc.?
No. All ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets are clear, to blend in with all skin tones.

I’m from Philippines, and I just want to know what to use for my scars. I have a large number of small scars on my legs, and I want to make it totally disappear, so can you suggest what product is best suited for my scars?
ReJuveness products are indicated for certain types of scars, particularly scars that are raised and a little darker. Patients report back great results for indented or hyperpigmented scars also. When a scar is flat or white, that’s a sign that it has matured and is no longer active. There are currently no effective treatments for those types of scars.

I am an African-American female and I have these scars: 1 quarter size scar from a bike exhaust pipe burn 7 years ago on my right ankle; two dime size scars on my right foot; and a one dollar coin size scar on my left thigh (looks more like a group of darker-than-the-rest-of-the-skin dots). The first two are (I think) atrophic scars; they are flat, shiny and discolored at the edges, and there is no hair growing in them. Please let me know if and how your product can help improve or erase these scars.
It sounds that you have hyperpigmented scars. Atrophic scars are scars that have healed correctly. They are usually flat and lighter in color. The ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream may be the best product for your hyperpigmentation.

I had some burns on my skin a year ago and this has left large scars. I would like to find out whether these products are also good for black skin, as the pictures only indicate white skin.
The scar products are especially effective for dark-skinned scar patients. Blacks, African-American, Asians and Latinos are statistically more likely to form hypertrophic and keloid scars due to genetic factors. Consequently, ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets have been used extensively by darker skinned patients.

Will ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream or ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets lighten the color of the skin around my scar?
No, ReJuveness products will not affect the natural color of undamaged skin.

I am an African-American female with a small approximately 1-2” round burn scar on my face from an electrical curling iron. Do you have a product that will reduce or eliminate this small facial burn scar?
If the scar is raised, it is probably keloiding. If the mark is just darker, it is hyperpigmented. In the first case, ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets or a combination of the sheeting and ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream will be most effective. If it is just hyperpigmented, then the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream should do the job.

Scar Therapy FAQ: Other scar issues

I had a C-section nine months ago and the scar has developed a keloid that I need to get rid of, as it causes discomfort and itching. Can ReJuveness help?
ReJuveness silicone sheeting will take care of the itching and discomfort immediately. The keloid itself will probably take anywhere from two to four months to flatten and return to normal color. You should wear ReJuveness® Original Silicone C-Section Scar Sheets at least eight hours a day, but in your case, you will probably be able to continuously wear it two days at a time. You should start treatment as soon as you can because the longer you wait, the harder it is to heal.

What is the best solution for chemical burns?
If your chemical burn scars are red or darker and raised, we recommend ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream in combination with our ReJuveness® Adhesive Silicone Sheeting. If they are lighter and hypopigmented, we recommend adding a Derma Roller or Stamp.

I have a large keloid scar from a belly button piercing five years ago. Is there anything I can do for such an old scar?
ReJuveness® Adhesive Silicone Sheeting should flatten your keloid and bring it back to normal color, but it doesn’t happen overnight. With an older keloid like yours, it may take six months or more. If you add the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream to the treatment regimen of the silicone sheeting, you can probably cut down the treatment time substantially. In some cases, keloids have been reduced in one-third of the expected time with the addition of the cream.

Is ReJuveness scar cream safe to use on a red scar caused by impetigo or herpes?
Yes. Use both ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream and ReJuveness® Adhesive Silicone Sheeting.

I had a thyroidectomy and now have a very obvious 2-inch scar. I am looking for a treatment or cream that would diminish or take the scarring away.
Patients with thyroidectomies have had very good results in achieving near scarless results using ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets treatment or the combination of the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream and sheeting.

Hello. I had my thyroid operation five months ago. I have a scar on my neck about 12 cm long. I feel uncomfortable. It’s a bit red now. I just want to know if ReJuveness silicone sheeting will help to improve its appearance. ReJuveness® Original Silicone Scar Sheets seem to work particularly well on thyroid operation scars. Add a small bottle of the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream and you may get even better results.

Mine is not really a scar. It is an indentation from a cortisone injection I received, so there is a depression and discoloration. Can ReJuveness be used for that kind of skin injury? It almost sounds like this is only for the keloid scarring or non-depressed scars.
Although not indicated for indented scars, patients report back great results in filling these indented marks back up with collagen. Cortisone injections are known to destroy the sheathing around the fibroblasts (cells that manufacture and maintain connective tissue) which produce collagen. Given this, it might not work in your case. It is probably worth a try, though. We would be curious if you do try the treatment, if it works in your case.

I was burned as a result of a fire (dry- no liquid). My scar is on my wrist. It originally was 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. I developed pneumonia while in the hospital, and therefore no skin grafting was ever done. My plastic physician tried an IPL laser on it, which made the scar worse. I have tried Mela-D, Mederma, several silicone pads (Curad) and a number of other creams. I finally requested he excise as much of it as possible. I have had six different surgeries to remove approximately one triangle area at a time. What remains is a scar that is 4 inches long and 1 to 1 1/2 wide. It is dark red and purple and becomes a bright red during the day. I purchased the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream from you and I just received it and began using it a couple of days ago. I am remaining optimistic that it will help. My question to you is, do you think of any other products or procedures might help? The silicone sheets won’t due to the nature of where the scar is. They won’t stay on – even with tape. The same is true of Ace bandages, etc. They move during the day.
The Curad pads you tried do not contain any silicone, and it is silicone that is the gold standard for scar reduction and prevention. Try a piece of ReJuveness silicone sheeting at night, when there is less movement. If you can’t make it work, we will refund your money.

I had surgery which included brachioplasty and back skin fold removal. I would like to reduce the scarring as effectively and as economically as possible. Which products would be recommended? Can I cut one of the longer sheets in 3 or 4 strips to cover these areas?
A combination of ReJuveness® Silicone Sheeting and ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream will probably work best. You can cut a larger piece to size by creating multiple smaller strips as you described.