Why ReJuveness Silicone Sheeting?

Healing Scars by Normalizing the Calcium Gradient with superior silicone formulations

Original ReJuveness pure silicone sheeting is a non-adhesive implantable grade silicone elastomer which has several attributes which make it a superior performer for scar healing

  • it attracts calcium and phosphate to its surface nore than gels, gel sheeting and other elastomers
  • it releases only micro-nano size silicates and not large toxic silicone molecules into the skin
  • economical-one washable sheet last the whole treatment time up to a year 
  • Keratinocytes differenate themselves more a stiffer siliocne elastomer than gels

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Common misunderstandings about silicone and its action on scars

  • Hydration is not mechanism of action of silicone on chronic lesions and scars