Doctors Scar Treatment Testimonial

Dear Sir,

I want to thank you for letting me become U.S. partner physician to use ReJuveness clinically. I am encouraged by the results, the scars treated have all improved. I was most impressed with a difficult patient who developed a hypertrophic scar after carpal tunnel surgery.

The initial cost of the product did seem high to me, but I found that ReJuveness did not deteriorate and have to be replaced like the Dow Corning Silastic Sheeting. The one piece I gave my patients was all they ever needed.

The adverse reactions to ReJuveness were minimal. I had only one patient who developed a sweat rash which resolved with discontinuing the product for a few days.

The only other options available to control hypertrophic and keloid scars, at the present time, are painful intralesional steroid injections, potential dangerous postoperative radiation or the continuous application of uncomfortable pressure garments.

Overall, I fully endorse ReJuveness and recommend continued use in the United States.

Sincerely, William C. Brender, M.D.