Scar Cream Q & A

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How does ReJuveness scar cream work?

The cream is a trans dermal formulation with the optimal ratio of lipids (cholesterol, ceramides and essential fatty acids) that penetrate the skin and provide the nutrients to rebuild the stratum corneum from the inside out. The top layer of skin is completely compromised in these hyper-prolific scars. We believe the silicone sheeting stimulates the cells (CD36) that transport these lipids to the lamellar bodies doing the rebuilding and in the case of hypertrophic scarring absorb and draw calcium so these antigens get released.

My son had a broken bottle pushed in his cheek about six years ago. Although the scar has faded slightly it is still very livid especially in cold weather. Would your product help at all?

Yes, ReJuveness scar conditioning cream will work beautifully.

My daughter burned her hand by an iron about a week ago, can your product help her scar heal properly or prevent scaring?

Yes. Apply the Hyper-Heal scar cream or ReJuveness silicone sheeting.

Does ReJuveness scar cream help with sunspots?

Yes. Hyper-Heal scar cream can help reduce the appearance of sunspots.

Does ReJuveness scar cream help pitted acne scarring?

Yes. The Hyper-Heal scar cream will work for your pitted acne scars. However, we would not recommend mixing with acne treatments.

Is ReJuveness scar cream safe to use on a red scar caused by impetigo or herpes scarring?

Yes, Hyper-Heal scar cream works very well for both.

I want to get rid of chicken pox scarring on my face, which product would you recommend?

We highly recommend Hyper-Heal scar cream. Patients who have used the ReJuveness Hyper-Heal scar cream with our silicone sheeting for conditions like yours say it works much better together.

Do you provide samples of your scar cream?

Due to the high cost of the cream, we do not provide samples at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

What if I do not like ReJuveness scar cream?

If you are not satisfied with our product, we'll refund your entire purchase.