Thyroid Surgery Scar Treatment

Thyroid surgery scars are usually not problematic because the horizontal incision along the crease line also corresponds to a low tension skin load. A thyroid incision also has a good chance of forming a scarless result. If applied immediately after the wound bed dries for six weeks, Either adhesive or non-adhesive silicone sheeting should prevent any discoloration of scar (Hypo or Hyper-pigmentation) . Just using the Hyper-Heal cream will also give a good scar finish by supplying the area with ceramides, cholesterol and other barrier repair lipids as well as phosphatydalcholine for positive signal transduction in the healing cascades. A kit which includes both the Hyper-Heal cream and silicone sheet should cover all bases and provide the best results.  

Recommended Products

Silicone sheets 3 to 10 inch

3.2 - 7 inches, starting at $19.95

Thyroid Surgery Scars

Accelerate the healing process with the ReJuveness regimen for Thyroid scars, make your healing journey more comfortable and safe with your skin restored to it's natural texture and color.


  • Multiple sizes for horizontal Thyroid scars
  • Lessens redness, bumpiness, pain and itching of Thyroid scars
  • Reusable and washable; only one sheet required for the duration of treatment
  • Use with Hyper Heal cream for penetration to Thyroid incision
  • Fits comfortably under post-op, pressure and all other garments
  • Economical - save over silicone gel products with superior results