Cesarean Section

C-section scar optimization:

  • Early post-op scar management intervention
  • Biomechanical reduction of incision edges 
  • rapid epithelialization of top layer of skin
  • Stimulating wound edge keratinocyte proliferation
A C-section is deep and cuts through the uterine wall. Internal scarring is usually not severe but while healing post-op a good diet with plenty fruits and vegetables as well as zinc, copper and  phosphatydalcholine supplements as well as no smoking are recommended for optimal wound healing 

Recommended Products and protocols:

  • Silicone sheeting daily three months or more 
  • Hyper-Heal Cream every other day small dab rubbed in gently 
  • Taping over silicone sheeting to compensate wound edge tension
  • For older C-section over year old - add derma-needling weekly for four weeks .5 mm