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Keloid scarring and hypertrophic scars are characterized by a raised, lumpy appearance. Such scars have a reddish to dark-purple color and may often itch, or even be painful. In recent studies, thick hypertrophic and keloidal growth showed four times the amount of evaporating water loss compared to normal scars and skin. According to other studies, this excessive water loss (comparable to an open blister wound) is thought to be a possible signal causing the production of excessive scar tissue.

Below is a select list of scientific studies, news articles, and links to a variety of informational resources on hypertrophic and keloid scars and scar management techniques.

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  • Chain Drug Review
    (Sept. 09) - ...ReJuveness has revolutionized the wound care segment. Developed through advanced medical research and proven effective on hypertrophic and keloid scars, ReJuveness softens, smoothes and flattens scars...
  • New York Daily News
    (Aug 09) - Q&A ReJuveness is recommended for keloid scars by dermatologist.
  • Jump
    (May 08) - Q&A.
    Q: I'm African-American, and I have ugly acne scars all over my body....
    A: ...if your marks are scars, fading creams — as well as [sic] glycolic acid, Retin-A and Renova — are useless. For scar tissue, anything from laser treatment to microdermabrasion (think sandblasting for skin) to ReJuveness Pure Silicone Sheeting scar-repair strips might work.
  • Psychology Today
    (July/August 2006) - "Marks of Mystery" — Excellent story on scars by Elizabeth Austin using information provided by ReJuveness Pharmaceuticals.
  • Seventeen
    (July-Aug.-Sept.) Seventeen's Best of the Web:
  • Essence
    (July 2005) - Q&A.
    Q: How do I prevent a small cut on my forehead from scarring?
    A: "Scars are the body's way of healing," says Dr. Laurie J. Polis, a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in NYC. ReJuveness, formerly available only by prescription, works by forming a static-electric field between the silicone sheet and the skin, smoothing and flattening the scar, while allowing increased blood flow to improve skin tone.
  • Brides
    (August, September 2005) - Q&A.
    Q: I'd like to wear a sleeveless dress for my wedding, but I have a scar on my upper arm. Is there anything I can do about it?
    A: ...ReJuveness can help flatten and fade a scar. Available over the counter, ReJuveness is often used in conjunction with other scar-removing procedures.
  • Cosmetic Dermatology
    (June 2005) - ReJuveness Pure Silicone Sheeting, a medical product used for reducing hypertrophic and keloid scars, is available without a prescription. Washable and reusable, ReJuveness is easy to apply and, when used daily, has the potential to dramatically improve the appearance and flexibility of both new and old scars and can help relieve the burning and itching that often accompanies such scars.
  • Better Homes and Gardens
    (April 2005) - ...a highly recommended treatment is is believed that the static electricity that forms between the silicon and the skin's surface helps the irregular bundles of collagen lay down more naturally.
  • Elle
    (April 2005) - Scar Treatment. New technology promises to help scars — both old and new — do a disappearing act. The easiest, most accessible scar remedies are stocked on pharmacy shelves. Silicone sheeting products such as ReJuveness trap moisture on the skin to make a scar fade. "These things aren't a placebo," emphasizes Katherine O'Rourke, MD, and director of cosmetic dermatology at Wake Forest University.
  • First for Women
    (March 2005) - Avoid Ugly Scars! Talk to your doctor. Find out if your child might benefit from using one of the new scar treatments, such as ReJuveness....
  • Woman's World
    (March 30, 2005) - Make Scars Disappear! A patch that heals old scars. Doctors have used silicone sheeting — a rubbery material applied with special tape — for a decade to treat serious scars caused by burns. Now the FDA has approved them for sale. "We think they may generate static electricity that prompts the scar to lighten and flatten out," says dermatologist Laurie Polis, M.D. And in one study, they improved 88% of scars within a year. Look for ... ReJuveness....
  • Weight Watchers
    (Jan/Feb 2005) - Erasing the Past. Now there's an easy-to-use product, ReJuveness, that flattens, lightens, and smoothes raised scars without costly medical treatment.... The silicone sheets can also help prevent new scars.
  • Mirabella
    (January 2005) - ReJuveness, a silicone patch, smoothes scars and reduces redness.... "One theory on how it works is, silicone changes the water balance in the collagen, reducing blood flow to the scar, shrinking it," says Bruce Katz, MD....
  • P.O.V.
    (February 2005) - Scarred for Life? Silicone also helps reduce scarring. ReJuveness...utilizes a silicone sheet applied with adhesive tape worn from 2 to 24 hours a day....
  • Black Elegance
    (November 2005 - Erasing Scars. Now (formerly available only by prescription), ReJuveness Pure Silicone Sheeting is available over the counter for a fraction of the cost of the old methods. While no product or procedure is able to completely remove a scar, these thin silicone sheets flatten, lighten and smooth out problem scars over a period of time.
  • Walking
    (February ) - Scar Tactics. Despite claims to the contrary, you can't eliminate scars, but with the latest treatments, you can diminish them significantly. Silicone Patches...ReJuveness.
  • New York Magazine
    (Nov 9 2004) - Bye-bye Boo-boo. There's a new way to make your childhood scars fade into memory — without creating what's known as a "hydration barrier" on the damaged tissue.... ReJuveness...lasts the entire period of scar management.
  • Black Woman
    (Feb/Mar 2004) - ReJuveness Pure Silicone Sheeting softens, smoothes and flattens scars and restores skin to a more normal color and texture.
  • Family Life
    (January 2004) - How to Make Scars Disappear. There are new products that can help scars vanish. Silicone sheeting (often used on surgical scars) uses gentle pressure to help healing and is now available over the counter in products such as ReJuveness.
  • Diaspora Global
    (November 2004) - Removing the Scars of Life. In the past, scar reduction was either too painful or too costly for individuals to consider. But now a former prescription medical device is readily available at a fraction of the cost of other scar removal methods. ReJuveness Pure Silicone Sheeting uses thin silicon sheets to flatten, lighten and smooth problem scars over a period of time. Not only is the product painless, it lacks the side effects of other methods, such as skin irritation and redness. While no product or procedure is available to completely remove a scar, silicone sheeting has been clinically documented to be very effective.
  • Parent Guide
    (February 2003) - Erasing Injuries of the Past. A non-prescription medical device such as ReJuveness helps to softer, smooth and flatten scars.... Apply to old scars or to newly healed incisions to prevent scarring.
  • Boston Globe
    (Dec 7 2003) - Silicone sheets — such as ReJuveness... — often work, dermatologists say, though nobody knows why. One theory is that they may prevent water loss through the skin. Another is that they may change the skin in a way that nudges collagen — the fibrous protein that scars are made of — to re-align in a more orderly fashion. Or perhaps the slight pressure from wearing a silicone bandage may itself help a scar remodel. Many people swear by vitamin E for scars, but dermatologists say there's little evidence for this. There's even less for another popular remedy — emu oil.
  • New York Post
    (March 2003) - Scar-Minimizing Patch. ReJuveness...formerly prescribed by doctors and used in burn centers. "Medical literature indicates that you may get some improvement in the appearance of a scar by using silicone sheeting," says Manhattan plastic surgeon Darrick Antell.
  • Parents Magazine
    (May 2002) - Simple Scar Solutions. ReJuveness (is) safe and effective for children of all ages. For the best results, begin treatment right after the wound is thoroughly healed and the skin has closed. Depending on the cut's severity, the scar should fade in a few weeks to several months.
  • Alameda Times-Star
    There is hope for people with scars... ReJuveness.
  • Lincoln Journal-Star
    Erasing scars... ReJuveness
  • Standard-Speaker, PA
    Helping scars heal... ReJuveness
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Sun Journal, NC
    Silicone sheeting can help scars heal... ReJuveness.
  • Tennessean
    Reusable silicone sheeting can help heal old wounds... ReJuveness.
  • Courier-Houma, LA
    Help scars to heal... ReJuveness.
  • Pittsburgh Post
    Made to fade... ReJuveness.
  • Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH
    Healing Scars... ReJuveness.
  • Sunday Journal, Albuquerque, NM
    Ask the Doctor. Getting rid of scars... ReJuveness.


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