Silicone Sheeting Q&A

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Does silicone sheeting help with scars that are red and purple in color?

Yes. ReJuveness silicone sheeting and Hyper-Heal cream work very well in treating scars with red and purple coloring.

Does silicone sheeting help with scars that are two years old or older?

Yes. ReJuveness silicone sheeting is capable of treating two-year-old scars and older.

Is it okay to cut the silicone sheet so it will be easier to wear?

Yes, cut the ReJuveness silicone sheet to size with small scissors or with an X-Acto knife.

Due to a belly button piercing, I have a keloid scar. I've had the scar for more than five years. Is there anything I can do?

ReJuveness silicone sheeting should flatten your keloid and bring it back to normal color, but it doesn't happen over-night. With an older keloid like yours it may take six months or more. If you add the Hyper-Heal cream to the treatment regiment of the silicone sheeting, you can probably cut down the treatment time substantially. We have had results in one-third of the time in some cases.

What is the best solution for chemical burns?

If your chemical burn scars are red or darker and raised we recommend our Hyper-Heal scar cream in combination with our silicone sheeting. If they are lighter and hypo pigmented, we recommend adding the derma roller.

What is the best product for treating a surgical scar?

It depends how healing is going and what you would like to achieve. If the scarred area were still red or raised, ReJuveness silicone sheeting would be appropriate. If the scar is turning white there is nothing that can be done since you are nearing the endpoint of the healing process.

I had a C-section 9 months ago and the scar has developed a keloid that I need to get rid of as it causes discomfort and itching. Can ReJuveness help?

The ReJuveness silicone sheeting will take care of the itching and discomfort immediately. The keloid itself will probably take anywhere from two to four months to flatten and bring back to normal color. You should wear the ReJuveness sheeting at least eight hours a day, but in your case you will probably be able to continuously wear it two days at a time. You should start treatment as soon as you can because the longer you wait the harder it is to heal.

Can you bathe in silicone sheeting?

Yes, you can bathe in ReJuveness silicone sheeting if you like.

Is silicone sheeting safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes. The FDA considers ReJuveness silicone sheeting a class 1 bandage, which is the safest rating.