Scarless Healing

The Ultimate goal of Scar management is scarless appearing skin. As with a car whose body has been damaged in an accident so with the skin of our bodies.  There are up to four different levels that need to be repaied to return to the original texture and color. This occurs through a return to balanced. Certain mechanical, biocelluar and molecular responses come into play in wound healing and their subtle manipulation can lead us to our towards our goal of scarless healing. ReJuveness offers four product categories to this end. They may be used by themselves but better results can be obtain by using them together . 

1. Silicone sheeting has been proven  the gold standard and first line defense in the prevention and treatment of problem scars for over twenty years .

2. Taping and splinting control of wound edge tension and stress on the sca.

3. Hyper-heal ceam repairs the integrity of the top layer of skin as well as promoting collegenase production and the elimination of old scar tissue.

4 Derma needling  


Recommended Products

When to use ReJuveness products

  • to achieve scarless healing is two weeks after injury
  • if prone to problem scars like keloids
  • if injury is deep
  • if injury run counter to crease lines of skin 

How ReJuveness products work ?

  • Bimolecularly to coordinate and normalize healing cascades 
  • Biomechanically to counteract forces causing skin and scar tension

What levels of the skin and what cells

  • Dermal fibroblast
  • Basil melanocytes 
  • Epidermis keratinocytes
  • Stratum corneum - corneocytes & lamellar bodies 

Multiple  product  approach is recommended

Scar quality depends on such things as wound site and skin tension, healing cascades, cell signaling and differentiation, feedback loops, delivery  and rafting of enzymes and peptides, lipids, vitamins, minerals, substrates , regulation of ph and coordination of many other events. Researchers and clinicians alike have come to the realization that the integrated multi-modal therapies produce the most consistent positive results scar management compared to single targeted approaches