About Rejuveness Products

A system of products based on the Keloid wound healing model , which reeestablish the stratum corneum or top layer of skin. Each product either provides raw materials , affects signal transduction, activates healing cascades, provides mechanical forces, or creates intercellualer enviroments which can lead  to near scarless or scarless healing and perfect skin. 


1. Original ReJuveness Silicone sheeting

For over twenty years Original Rejuveness Silicone sheeting has been producing extrodinary results. This implantable grade elastomer sheeting is also a most economical treatment because only one sheet is needed for up to the 30 to 90  days.  

  • only one sheet needed for 90 days of  treatment
  • over 20 years of exceptional scar management performance
  • non-adhesive, affixed by tape- 4 ft included
  • Hygienic, wahable, will not attract dirt or dust
  • Safe Implantable Grade- will not deposit toxic silicone in skin 

2. Adhesive Silicone Sheeting 

This is an ultra-thin  elastomer silicone sheet with an adhesive siliocne that returns to its original strength after its washed. Unlike gels sheets that usually fall apart in a week these sheets can last 45 days. Given ReJuveness 

Advantages of adhesive sheeting

  • extrodinary results  
  • unnoticible to wear  
  • great for day wear 
  • Reusable- one sheet can last three months 
  • continuous wear up to ten days 

Limitations of adhesive sheeting

  • Does not adhere well to oily areas  
  • Needs extra care when applying and washing  
  • May stick to itself   
  • large sizes maybe difficult to handle  
  •  some applications may need tape  

3. Hyper-Heal Cream- 

A truely unique scar cream which addresses  "barrier disruption" a main symptom in problem scarring . A flawless healthy barrier is also the key to scarless healing. 

1.Hyper-Heal's Ceramides, cholesterol and other essential fatty acids (and not collagen) in a transdermal formulation are delivered under the skins surface were they move upward to replensih and rebuild the stratum corneum barrier. 

2. These same ceramides stimulate elastin, as well as fibroblast cell growthwhich produces both collegen and collegenase balancing scar remodeling and avoiding over or under growth of skin, resulting in smooth flat scaless healing.

4 ReJuveness  Hypo-allertgenic  Tape

100% cotton tape with a hypoallergenic non-latex adhesive backing. Designed to hold Rejuveness silicone sheeting firmly in place. Tape provides flexability similar to skin while providing optimal mechanical support for scar management. Superior for skin remodeling or where extended wearing time and delicacy of removal is desired. Can be used wherever medical tape is needed.  51-cm-x-106-m-2-x-33

5. Derma Needling

Scar Treatment

Reducing the appearance of scars with skin needling treatment can be a more challenging than other dermaroller treatments. It is important that you understand the process so that you are able to understand whether the home based treatment is suitable for you. Rarely is a needle longer than .5 mm needed

Scar Types

There are several types of scars which are suitable for skin needling treatments. Because the dermaroller process stimulates keratinocytes as well as melancytes it can be very advantages in more common Atrophic Scars (discolored & white) or hyper-pigmentation (darker). Studies show positve results in Hyper-trophic scars so can be a good adjunct to ReJuveness scar therapy.

Indented Acne scarring , Scar revison  Stretch marks

Derma rolling is an alternative to surgical scar revison or ablation on mature older scars, acne scarring  as well as grey or white stretch marks .

Getting Rid Of Scars

Very deep or severe scarring is unlikely to benefit from home based skin needling. We suggest considering a physian or salon based treatements in these cases. For light scarring, the dermaroller offers a genine procedure to permenently improve the skins appearance. The process can take several weeks or even months, and while still challenging, most users should see significant improvements in the scars appearance.