Derma Rolling For Acne Scars

Reducing the appearance of acne scars and pitted scars is a common example of why people use derma rollers. While the process of acne/pitted scar removal can take much longer than, for example, stretch mark reduction or wrinkle removal, with a little patience, it is possible to significantly improve the appearance affected by both types of scarring.

Causes of Acne Scars

Acne scars occur after the surface of the skin has broken during acne outbreaks. Our skin is naturally is able to heal itself, it can fail to restore itself to its former appearance. Those which suffer from acne scars, will have skin which whilst perfectly healthy, has failed to heal itself to a perfect cosmetic level.

The pitted areas where the scars remain, have reduced skin cells which were not replenished fully during the skins natural healing process after the acne outbreak. These pockets of skin suffer from a lack of collagen and elastin - the cause of the Acne Scarring.

Treating Acne Scars Using a Dermaroller

By rolling the affected areas with a derma roller, the natural process of skin renewal is activated. By stimulation the collagen and elastin production, the areas where the acne scars appear will begin to plump and smooth out, creating an improved skins surface.

Because the vast majority of acne scars appear on the face, the most common choice of needle length is a 0.5mm. In the minority of cases, or for those experienced in skin needling, individuals may opt for a 1.0mm. acne_derma_roller.jpg

Other Pitted Scar Benefits

Like all skin needling treatments, there are additional benefits to the micro needling process. Not only is the healing process kick-started in the skin it also improves the absorption of ReJuveness Hyper Heal scar cream.

Because you are providing temporary micro channels past the protective outer layers of the skin, products applied to it are absorbed far more effectively. This improves scar cream effectiveness, also provides the ideal environment to apply ReJuvenes all natural moisturizers to nourish the skin and assist in the healing process.

How Long To See Results

Getting rid of acne scars and pitted scars can take longer than most derma roller treatments. There are many variables to this including your natural responsiveness to the treatment.

Typical time frames for seeing a difference can be as much as a month. You may find it takes longer or shorter than this and we stress that it is essential to be patient and consider that everyone?s experiences will be different.

That said, it is incredibly rare for those using a derma roller not to see a significant improvement in their skin. We would encourage users to take photos before commencing treatments so that they are able to track the gradual changes that will take place.