General Surgery Scar management

Appendectomy Scar Treatment

An appendectomy may be performed with an open incision or with laparoscopic instrument.

Special considerations for General  Surgical Procedures  

Early intervention = Rapid re-epithelialization= scarless healing 

Epithelialization is the initial covering and connecting of the wound edges 

  • The key to obtaing scarless healing is Rapid re-epithelialization
  • Rapid epithelialization can be obtained through normalizing the calcium gradient-
  • Promotion of Keratinocyte cell proliferation and differentation  
  • migration of keratinocytes along fibrin through new extracelluar matrix 
  • Collegenase inhancement on wound edges - Hyper-Heal cream 
This early intervention proceedure that aims at scarless healing may be discussed with you physician. We recommend  Original ReJuveness non-adhesive pure silicone sheeting which is implantable grade siliocne  and can be sterilized. Hyper-heal cream should be applied on dry lesions only. Discounted Kits are available. 

Surgeries  Prone to problem scarring - joints, chest, upper back , abdomin, jaw 

Unavoidable skin tension are characteristic in certain proceedures where high load or skin tension can cause prolonged the prolifration and remodeling phases of scar formation. Particular surgeries which immediate  post-op scar management is recommended . 

Your Physician should consult you on post surgical protocols that will result in an optimal outcomes. Perhaps your Plastic Surgeon's office has refered you to this site. Surgical scar care should should start two to three  weeks post-operation  and continue can continue up to one year.  If after two to three months your scar still looks "beefy" "upset" or dark purple or red you most likely have the beginning of a problem hypertrophic scar or keloid.

Mature Scars that are Unsatisfactory 

Sometimes scars are not cosmetically acceptable because either no scar management was undertaken or because of genetic or other circumstance. In these cases some sort of scar revision by you plastic surgeon called z-plasty or some type of ablation proceddure like laser, chemical resurfacing are recommended. the use of ReJuveness silicone sheeting and Hyper-heal cream will highly improve the results of these scar revison proceedures.

Derma needling 

If you would like to try an at home scar revision procedure we highly recommend derma needling. It produces micro injuries to the skin and reepitheialization which can be enhanced by Hyper-Heal Cream and ReJuveness Silicone sheeting which will speed up the rate of keratinocyte production and differentation getting the healing process ahead of the skin memeory for a succesful scar revision experience   

Recommended Protocols for remodeling phase 

1. Wound edge tension  support- starting 1-3 weeks post-op

  • minimal management with a post-op tape or steri strips
  • Recommended silicone sheeting at least 3/4 of an inch overlap on each side 
  • Silicone sheeting and KT taping  
2. Epedermal remodeling 
  • facilitation of calcium gradient for keratinocyte differentation -Rejuveness siliocne sheeting
  • Barrier repair Eperdermis - Hyper-Heal cream 
  • CD 36 activation - ReJuveness silicone sheeting 
  • Keratinocyte differentation -dermal neddling 
3. Dermal remodeling -facilating balanced collagen removal and production
  • collegenase enhancement -Hyper-Heal cream - active ingredient Phosphatydalcholine
  • collagen organization- taping and siliocne sheeting
  • keratinocyte feedback loop on keloidal fibroblast- Hyper-Heal cream & silicone sheeting