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Prevents problem scarring and can return existing problem scarring to normal texture and color.

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The leader in scar management

Since 1994, medical professionals and burn centers around the world have recognized ReJuveness to be effective in the prevention and management of Hypertrophic and keloid scars resulting from burns, surgical procedures, and traumatic events. ReJuveness has also partnered with many individuals in their scar healing journeys. Rejuveness products have delivered everything we claimed they could do. These same effective products remain as the foundation as we expand our product line as we address a wider range of scarring concerns. We hope you like the new website and branding.

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Domestic US orders via United States Postal Service (USPS) with online tracking information sent to your provided email address. International orders shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS) with online tracking information sent to your provided email address. Under normal circumstances, orders ship out same day when completed by 3 PM eastern standard US time. However, due to weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control, we will ship your order out as soon as possible. * Please click through the tracking link in your shipping email confirmation to receive real time tracking status of your shipment

Made in USA FDA Class 1 Medical Device Money Back Compliance Guarantee

Our Guaranteed Scar Treatment Policy

ReJuveness silicone products are guaranteed to provide results. These results vary from person to person, scar to scar and may occur rapidly, gradually or take 3-6 months before any results are observed. Improvement in the scar's appearance may improve dramatically at any time. If you do not see any improvement after daily applications for a 3 month period treating your scar contact ReJuveness to arrange for a refund of the purchase price less shipping and handling charges.

Time and date stamped before and after photos are required to verify lack of scar improvement. Replacement, consecutive, or discounted purchases are considered satisfaction of guarantee and product. Guarantee claims must be made within 4 months of purchase date.

Improvement in your scar or skin's appearance may vary from 50-99%. Old stretch marks will appear more like surrounding skin and acne scars will level out and will return to a more normal skin tone. For these skin conditions, results may appear rapidly or develop slowly. Continuation of therapy up to 12-months or more is rare but may be necessary. Guarantee does not include Hyper Heal scar cream, derma rollers and ReJuveness tape.

Product returned unused will receive a credit minus the $7.95 shipping fee and a 20% of sale price restocking fee.

Everything you need to heal scars

Hyper Heal Scar Cream 54 Grams (1.9 oz)

Pharmaceutical grade Hyper Heal Scar Cream Restores Skin to It's Normal Texture and Color Permanently (100% Natural). Initial Improvement In 1 To 2 Weeks, Average Healing Time Is 6 To 12 weeks.

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Scar Healing Kits Everything you need to heal scars.
Starting at $83.00
Derma Roller Kits Products for improving skin.
Starting at $69.00
Claudio Dario Skin Care Line Products for improvement in clarity, color, and elasticity.
Starting at $29.95
Adhesive Silicone Discs Easy to use, soft, pliable and durable medical grade silicone.
Starting at $19.95


What our customers say

Video, email and letter testimonials from a wide variety of our patients. Individual and combination product usage are described in several formats. ReJuveness products are recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skin care specialists worldwide.

"I want to thank you for your great products!"

My 10 year old daughter had an indented burn scar on her leg from having a wart removed with freezing. It was very noticeable and made her feel bad. About three months after the freezing I found you folks and ordered the Hyper-Heal cream and the silicone sheets. I received it that same week. After using both products together for about two weeks continuously her scar improved dramatically, the scar seemed to blend in with the rest of her skin and it filled in where it used to be sunken in. We continued to use the same regime, now it has been 3 months and I can't believe it I no longer see the scar and you can't tell. Thank you, Linda, Gainesville, FL

"The results are outstanding!"

I have been using the ReJuveness derma skin roller, silicone sheeting and scar cream for about a month now on my acne scars. Many of my scars are over 15 years old, my indentations are almost entirely filled in and most of the discoloration is gone. My friends have noticed a difference and are asking me if I had laser surgery. I have seen a significant overall improvement in my scars in a short period of time. I just wanted to say Thank-you for your products. Jennifer, WA

"I just wanted to thank you so much..."

For selling a product that really works. I am now able to look myself in the mirror without crying. Your cream and silicone sheets have healed recent scars on my face caused from acne. The scar cream in combination with the silicone sheeting have raised indented scarring on my face to almost unnoticeable to even me. And when I say even me, I mean that I am obsessed with flawless skin on my face. I am going to use your products on every scar I have and I know I will be satisfied. My scar on my face healed to almost gone in only two weeks. Thank you so much and I will be sure to pass on the word to everyone I know. Thanks Elanor, New Jersey

"I wanted to add my scar success story to your list"

I pierced my belly button and it promptly got infected after my daughter bumped it. i got a nasty hypertrophic scar and thought that I would not only lose the piercing but have an ugly raised scar as well. I purchased your silicone sheeting with a skeptical heart and tried it anyway expecting nothing. After only 8 hours (of) the first application I could see the swelling going down substantially. After a few weeks the red raised scar was gone and my piercing is perfect..even 10 years later! The scar never returned. I have recently purchased your product AGAIN for another scar and I have the utmost of confidence that I will see the same results as before. I am so glad to have found Rejuveness!! Angela, Florida

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