Claudio Dario Products

Memory Serum Skin Cream

Pharmaceutical grade moisturizer Memory Serum Skin Cream.

Rose Angelique Rose Hip Oil

Rejuvenate your skin, hair and nails to a younger, vibrant state.

Collagen Builder Formula # 3

Improves Skin Tone, Skin Elasticity and Skin Smoothness.

Dark Spot Remover FORMULA # 4

Formula number 4 is a combination of proprietary oils that fade away brown spots.

Body Moisturizer Formula # 5

Our body moisturizer can regulate moisture even under the driest conditions.

Natural Skin Care Products

Following upon the success of our all-natural scar cream, we offer all-natural pharmaceutical-grade skin care products. These products are unlike any other on the market today, producing extraordinary results without heavy fragrances or harmful ingredients.


  • Natural, at-home regimen for a variety of skin conditions
  • Reverse the process of aging or damaged skin
  • Improve skin tone and elasticity
  • Can be applied under make-up and sun screen
  • Stimulates cell growth and reproduction
  • Speeds up cellular metabolism for a younger look
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