Rejuveness - Heal Scars

Silicone Scar Sheets



Non-adhesive Silicone Sheeting

Soft, durable medical grade pure silicone sheeting is reusable and washable. Will not break down and stays hygienic for a long period. Ideal silicone template for healing. A single sheet can be used for the entire duration of scar management.

Adhesive Silicone Sheeting

Sheer, transparent and almost invisible on the skin. Will not break down or disintegrate like gel sheeting. Retains original adhesiveness after washing. One sheet last the entire duration of treatment. good for smaller scar and breast applications.

Medical Tape

ReJuveness hypoallergetic tape is a non-latex cotton tape recommended for use with our non-adhesive siliocne sheeting. It provides support to surrounding skin as well as the freedom of movement, and proper degree of adhesiveness for scar management protocol. Two feet of tape comes in each box the Original Rejuveness Silicone Sheeting.

Neither a gel material nor a cream , Medical grade Silicone Sheeting is made in the USA under expert technical supervision. What's more, Rejuveness relieves the burning and itching that so often accompany scarring disorders. Rejuveness silicone sheeting can be used alone or with the Hyper-heal cream. It is easy to apply... and apply... and apply. In fact just one sheet of ReJuveness is needed for the duration of scar treatment. It's convenient... It's reusable... It's cost effective... It's Rejuveness.