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Scar Healing Question and Answer

ReJuveness promotes the natural healing process and restores your skin to it's normal texture and color. We guarantee results!

The ultimate goal of ReJuveness Scar tactics is scarless healing. Studies now show that the faster the uppermost layers of skin reestablish themselves the more scarless the end result will be. So the majority of ReJuveness products deal with the top layers of skin and their rapid recovery. 

The eight principles of the Rejuveness Scar & Skin Care: 

1. The skin is a dynamic system which interfaces with outside world to provide protection, as well as regulate hormones and the endocrine function and energy production. 

2. The four unique layers of skin from top to bottom Startum corneum, epidermis, dermis and adepose layer. Most skin care focuses on the dermis.  But epidermis startum corneum, adipose are functionally important. 

3.The four layers of skin each have disignated cell types which produce their own unique matrix of protiens, lipids  and  adhesives molecues.  

4. Enzymic breakdown of each level's protein matrix as well the sentience or death and elimination of old cells is primary to wound care, scar formation and general care and maitinence of beautiful skin. 

5. Each of the four unique skin layers cylce through skin breakdown, elimination and remodeling of new skin structure. Again breakdown and elimination of the old is more importnt thn the replecement of the new. 

6. Through the  proper influence of the remodeling cycle maximum  skin integrity, texture and color and scarless healing can be obtained

7. Mechanical force, ph values , hydration, electric conductivity, the movement of calcium, phosphorous and lipids are just some of the tactics which functionally can influence  the healing cascades  that orchastrate skin dynamics and maximal results in scar and skin care. 

8. The opitimal skin and scar care is  functional, multi modal, wholistic, non-invasive skin care approach that encompasses all four levels. The key in remodeling is the elimination of the old by natural and non-invasive means to make way for the new to establish normal porduction of  thick young looking radient skin strength, integrity, texture , color and radiance




Scar tactics

  • may be used by themselves or with each other
  • synergy of tactics can produce better results  
  • safe, functional and wholistic 

Timing is important

  • best time to start is two weeks after surgery or injury
  • problem scars like keloids can be prevented
  • light or darker unblended scars are best prevented at beginning
  • missing initial window of opportunity may prolong treatment times
  • mature older scars may need revision with surgery or derma needle

Effects of Scar tactics

  • reduce skin tension load 
  • normalize epidermal water loss
  • initiate signal taansduction of healing cascades
  • normalize calcium gradients
  • normalize adhesion molecule functions on all skin levels
  • restablish healthy stratum corneum
  • old collagen elimination, new collagen production