Body Contouring Scar Management

The ReJuveness approach to body contouring arm, thighand buttock lift scar management centers on the noninvasive application of silicone sheeting, Hyper-Heal cream for new scars and in some cases with older mature scars derma -needling for scars  that have not healed in a cosmetic satisfactory way.

  • Non-adhesive Rejuveness silicone sheeting will provide optimal calcium gradient for supeior healing
  • Hyper-Heal cream lipids for optimal barrier repair and phosphytidylcholine supeior remodeling 
  • Dermal Needling to re-stimulate healing of older scars for a do over revision   


Recommended Products

Silicone sheets 3 to 10 inch

3.2 - 7 inches, starting at $19.95

Non-adhesive Silicone Professional rolls 2 to 10 ft

Large Scar Silicone Sheets Treatment,Large Scar Silicone Sheets Removal, Large Scar Silicone Sheets Healing

Each ReJuveness product provides finest raw ingredients, affects signal transduction, activates healing cascades, provides mechanical forces or creates intracellular environments to help prevent problem scars from forming and promote scarless healing.

Sometimes upper arm skin sags forms a "batwing" because of inherited tendencies, substantial weight loss or gain or muscles that have been separated and weakened by age or pregnancy. Excisional arm lipectomy (brachialplasty) is one of the most frequently requested body contouring procedures performed today, with demand increasing more than 800% since 1997. An arm lift scar is usually confined to an area under the arm that is concealed by most swimsuits and undergarments, but depending on the scope of the correction, they can run the length of the upper arm.

Arm lifts recommended products

  1. Limited Incision brachioplasty- skin is tucked up into the armpit area- smaller linear silicone sheets 3 to 10 inch adhesive or non-adhesive silicone sheets, Hyper-Heal Cream , scar kits
  2. Standard incision "batwing" from armpit to elbow - Adhesive or nonadhesive siliocne rolls, Scar kits, Hyper-heal Craem , Non-Adhesive siliocne rolls if using a