Dermal Scar Modes

Remodeling the Dermis of Scars:
  • remove old excessive, disorganised collagen with collegenase
  • replace with new properly organized collagen
  • regain near orginal structural strength
  • Manipulation of Fibroblast through the intercellular calcium
  • Skin tension management through taping, and splinting 
  • Collegenase enhancement with Hyper-heal cream. 
The Dermis and Scar  physiology  
  • induce macrophage activity and healing cascades -silicone
  • induce collagenase production - silicone sheet, Hyper-Heal  
  • prohibite collagense over-production  hyper-Heal , siliocne 
  • induce collagen production  silicone, Hyper-Heal cream
  • inhibite collagen over-production- silicone  
  • induce micro injury induce healing response - dermal needling 
Dermis structure and function
  • 80% of skin structural strength 
  • cytokine staging   
  • main cell - fibroblast (gogli complex)
  • other cells- macrophage,  blood, mast 
  • protein matric is collagen basket weave pattern
  • protein matrix breadown enzyme collegenase
  • calcium levels and skin tension drive remodeling cycle 
  • Phosphatydalcholine main substrate 
  • cholesterol, cermaides drive kinases healing cascades
  • copper, zinc, magnisium, phosphorus, iron ions enzyme catalyst