Hypopigmentation and white scarring

Hypopigmentation is due to the sensitivity of melanocytes to  oxidative strees caused by UV radiation or the wound healing process itself. Although anti-oxidants can be effective there is a balance between pro-oxidant and anti-oxidant that produces optimal even skin tone. Hypopigmentation can have many different causes and its resolution is usually accomplished  by using as many different tactics simultaneously. 

Tactics, products, proceedures and substrates positively influencing the correction of  Hypopigmentation 

Derma rolling .3 mm derma needle or roller daily  

Nitic Oxide -reduces oxidative strees od melanocytes

Calcium gradient of startum corneum 

Piper Nigrum extract piperine- kinase c inhibitor

Cholestorol-increases melogenesis



PH lower ph less acidic -Extra cellular 

UVA UVB radiation 

selenium zinc, copper iron

promotion of tyrosine , p53, high protien foods 

The white  discoloration can also occur during ant-aging ablation processes of chemical peels, microdermabration and laser treatments. This condition can be prevented post-proceedure.

The therapuetic approaches and products can also be used to address  vitiligo an auto immune desease eefecting 300 million people 

The most serious and difficult conditions can be caused by outright destruction of melanocyt or worst the neural crest cells that generate them. This could occur from an ablation process that goes to deep, deep burns trauma or infections or with skin grafts. 

1. Preventing hypopigmentation

In the early stages of wound healing the nitric oxide (NO)  from active macrophages  counteracts oxoidative strees.There are several approaches to help prevent this uneven skin tone.