New Scars & Scarless Healing

Towards Scarless Healing and Early Scar Intervention 

For Scars 0 (scarless healing possible)  to 6 months old (scarless healing improbable)

  • early intervention produces  desirable scar outcomes 
  • degree of scarless outcome is a result of speed of re-epitheliazation (wound re-surfacing) 
  • Chronic non-healing scars like keloids are characterized by impaired epithealization 
  • Rejuveness Scar Management products facilitate re-epithelialization 
  • ReJuveness products can accelerate re-epithelialization and promote scarless healing 
  • skin tension ,blood & oxegen supply also affect scar outcomes.

How Rejuveness Products Promote Scarless Healing

  1. Original Non-Adhesive pure silicone sheeting-Originally formulated 2nd generation silicone breast implant shell elastomer, this siliocne formulation is known to have the highest calcium attraction rate. This ridgit silicone elstomer show superior scar management qulaities because it attracts calcium to the skin surface modulating the optimal calcium gradient in a compromised epidermis. The attraction of both calcium and phosphorus creates the perfect matrix to enhance and accelerate  re-epithelialization across the wound bed. The stiffer elastomer silicones also promote an acceleration of keratinocyte differentation.  
  2. Hyper-Heal Cream - phosphatydal choline the most plentiful molecule in the extra cellular matrix enhances the action of collagenase , a collagen digesting enzyme which also cleaves keratinocytes from the wound edge and release them for migration across the wound bed along fibrin fibers. Human identical ceramides Cholesterol and Fatty acids not only provide the raw materials for stratum corneum building but also act as important signal transduction initiatiators of healing cascades to complete the symphony of scarless healing. 
  3. ReJuveness Tape- provides the support to reduce load or skin tension , which is often the cause for the misalligment of collagen in the dermis which makes for bumby and over-production of collagen in problem scars. The tape along with the Silicone sheeting which acts as a cast supporting wound edge tension create the same effect as much more expensive contracting silicone sheeting on the market 




ReJuveness founder Tom Fallon pioneer of the epidermal scar model
Historically, the Dermis the deeper layer of skin has been the focus of problem scar management. Keloids were though to be deep dermal proliferation disorders.  Recently attention has been put on the Epidermis, the thinner and upper most layer of skin.  This switch in focus was initiated by Rejuveness founder Tom Fallon's 2002  presentation to the FDA scientific comittee on silicone sheeting for problem scars (link). Since that presentation's verification and acceptance by the FDA scientific committee much has been advanced in the field to affirm the veracity of the eperdermal hypothesis.

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