Trauma & Lacerations scar management

Abrasion Scar Treatment

An abrasion is a scrape. It's caused by a rubbing injury that strips off the outer layers of skin.

The ReJuveness approach to wound scar management centers on the noninvasive application of silicone sheeting, often in conjunction with the topical application of skin-identical lipids found in Hyper-heal cream, and in some cases where scar revision is necessary , derma needling to induce micro injuries to reactivate the healing cascades and speed the remodeling process.

Silicone sheeting has been widely used by trauma centers for more than twenty years and is the favored treatment among plastic surgeons. Scientific research into wound scar management indicates that topical application of silicone – such as ReJuveness® Original Silicone Sheetingis the most effective treatment for the widest number of patients.

ReJuveness® Silicone Sheeting is the safest, highest-quality silicone sheeting on the market, developed in the USA with expert technical supervision. Neither a gel nor a liquid, medical-grade ReJuveness® Silicone Sheeting relieves the burning and itching that often accompanies scarring disorders. Each sheet is reusable and can be used alone or with ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream.

ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream transdermally delivers skin identical lipids such as ceramides into the skin, reestablishing a healthy stratum corneum, promoting healing and more aesthetic results.

How ReJuveness wound scar management works

There is evidence that the most successful silicone-based treatment of problem scarring is achieved when the scar is immature and the overlying epithelium is intact. ReJuveness