Rejuveness - Heal Scars

Hyper-Heal Cream & Tape

Scar Cream

Directly addresses the overlaying problem of proper healing. This unique non-silicone scar cream that can be used by itself or in combination with Original ReJuveness silicone sheeting.

Rejuveness Hypo-allergenic Tape

Rejuveness' tape is a hypoallergenic cloth tape that is designed to be used with silicone sheeting or wherever medical tape is needed.

Hyper-Heal Cream

ReJuveness' Hyper-Heal Scar Cream is the solution to raised and discolored scarring. Hyper-Heal cream works to produce more aesthetic results when healing fresh or problem scars raised scarring as well as return skin to its natural skin tone. The 17 gram bottle is the recommended size for healing small to medium sized scars.