Silicone sheets 3 to 10 inch

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Original ReJuveness Pure Silicone Sheeting 

  • Includes 4 ft of Me-fix Tape
  • Washable, reusable -will not break apart
  • One sheet needed - last up to one year
  • May cut to size

25 year proven formula. Flatten and return scars to normal color. Scar prevention. Relieves itching and pain associated with problem scarring. 


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  • Safety Information

    Can be used as soon as sutures are removed and wound bed is closed and dry. Purest silicone available. Problem scars have a compromised stratum corneum.

  • Indications

    For already existing keloid and hypertrophic scars and prevention and improved scarring. Can eliminate burning and itching that so often accompanies problem scarring .

  • Ingredients

    Pure implantable quality medical USP Grade 6 silicone sheeting. Hypo allergenic latex free cotton tape.

  • Directions

    Apply daily to scar area daily. Wash silicone sheet with warm water and soft soap like hand soap. Traetment time usually between 1.5 to 3 months or longer. Length of scar management process dependent on age and severity of the scar and patient complience

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