ReJuveness Hypoallergenic Tape

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Our 100% cotton tape holds ReJuveness® silicone sheeting firmly in place with a hypoallergenic non-latex backing that is as flexible as natural skin. It provides optimal mechanical support for scar management, especially in treatment plans where extended wearing time and delicate removal is indicated. While holding ReJuveness silicone sheeting firmly in place, ReJuveness tape used as a scar magement tactic by itself  providing optimal mechanical support for wound edge tension.. Can be used wherever medical tape is needed for problem sensitive skin.


Product dimensions:

2 inches wide x 33 feet long

5.08 cm wide x 10.0584 meters long

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  • Product Description

    ReJuveness medical tape is a woven cotton tape with a hypoallergenic non-latex adhesive, designed to secure ReJuveness non-adhesive silicone sheeting in place. Support and relaxing of skin tension enhances scar healing. ReJuveness tape will not irritate or leave residue.

  • Safety Information

    Do not directly apply to open wounds. Can be safely removed without damage to skin. Can be worn up to a week or more. Will not leave adhesive residue.

  • Indications

    Used to affix non-adhesive ReJuveness silicone sheeting. Can be used to attach any medical device or bandage to body. Can be used by itself for skin remodeling, such as foreskin restoration. Gentle enough adhesive for damaged, compromised skin such in elderly patients. Dialysis, infusion/ intravenous therapy critical care.

  • Ingredients

    Woven cotton strands to match dynamics of skin. Non-latex adhesive hypoallergenic adhesive with removable split backing. 2-inches wide by 33 feet

  • Directions

    Cut strips to the desired length. The pre-cut, split removable backing allows for easy removal and application. Apply the medical tape wherever needed.

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