Mineral Clay Mask

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Purchased directly from an Indian reservations in the western US, our clay mask is a proven all-natural way to remove impurities, leaving your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

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  • Product Description

    In the Western United States a group of American Indians have used this healing clay for 200 years. In order to heal an area toxins must be eliminated and blood supply must be increased or facilitated. This is in order to bring nutrients out to feed new growth, create natural anti-bacterial agents and to control inflammation. Our Indian mineral clay is capable of removing toxins found in our skin. By virtue of combining Calcium Bentonite and other minerals this unique clay sticks to our skin while attracting deep seated impurities through your pores. On the face, the Indians call it the Eagles claw because of the strong tightening draw of these minerals.

  • Safety Information

    This product is for Topical/external use only, do not consume internally. Keep away from the reach and use by children

  • Indications

    For face, neck and all other parts of the body

  • Ingredients

    Mineral clay

  • Directions

    Wash your skin first, mix powdered clay with equal parts of water in a glass bowl until it is a smooth paste that can be painted on the face and neck. Use a bristle paint brush or apply with your fingers in an even pattern. Make sure that any clumps of clay are completely dissolved in your mixing. Put enough on to form a thick layer of clay from 1/4" to 1/2". Do not put on eyelids, but you may use around and under the eyes.

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