Our Guaranteed Scar Treatment Policy


ReJuveness silicone products are guaranteed to provide results. These results vary from person to person and scar to sca,r and may occur rapidly, gradually or take 3-6 months before any results are observed. Improvement in the scar's appearance may improve dramatically at any time. If you do not see any improvement after daily applications for a 3-month period of treatment, contact ReJuveness to arrange for a refund of the purchase price less shipping and handling charges.

Time and date stamped before and after photos are required to verify lack of scar improvement. Replacement, consecutive or discounted purchases are considered satisfaction of guarantee and product. Guarantee claims must be made within 4 months of purchase date.

Improvement in your scar or skin's appearance may vary from 50-99%. Old stretch marks will appear more like surrounding skin and acne scars will level out and will return to a more normal skin tone. For these skin conditions, results may appear rapidly or develop slowly. Continuation of therapy up to 12 months or more is rare, but may be necessary. Guarantee does not include Hyper-Heal Cream, derma rollers and ReJuveness tape.

Product returned unused will receive a credit minus the $7.95 shipping fee and a $15 restocking fee.

Scar Healing Scar Healing
Scar Healing Scar Healing