About ReJuveness

Based out of Saratoga Springs, New York, ReJuveness LLC is dedicated to providing effective non-invasive scar management and natural skin care products. ReJuveness manufactures it’s technologically advanced scar management products using the theoretical principle drawn from the keloid model of wound healing developed by its founder and president Tom Fallon. Our goal is to keep developing affordable products and protocols for the prevention and management of problem scars, striving towards scarless wound repair resulting from surgical incision, burns, cystic acne, cuts, stretch marks and abrasions to the skin.

Our skin acre products are all natural and do not contain the harmful ingredients contained in most commercial skin care products

ReJuveness – The Leader in Scar Management and Natural Skin Care.

  • 1994 Founder markets silicone sheeting as a 510(k)  prescription device
  • 1995 Founder clears silicone sheeting as an over-the-counter medical product
  • 1996 Founder manages a multi-million $ direct to consumer silicone sheeting ad campaign
  • 1998 Silicone sheeting is distributed through pharmacies
  • 2001 Founder introduces a new scar cream
  • 2002 Founder presents science of silicone sheeting and keloid model FDA presentation
  • 2009 ReJuveness introduces skin care line "Claudio"

ReJuveness has a talented team of hardworking professionals who are driven by their meaningful and worthwhile mission - creating and providing effective high quality products that are highly effective, non-invasive and economic. We also strive in providing education to physicians, medical professionals and the lay patient through personal scar advisers through the convenience of the internet and telephone as well as providing a large assortment of products to accommodate the many sizes and shapes scars come in.