Non-Adhesive Scar Kits

Original ReJuveness non-adhesive pure silicone sheeting is a proven silicone formulation  for over 25 years which offers the highest correction of Calcium gradient

Scar Kits include:

  • One Original ReJuveness Silicone Scar Sheet 
  • washable and reusable up one year 
  • Tape
  • Hyper-Heal Cream



Non-adhesive Disc Kit

Small Scar Silicone "Disk" Treatment Kits

Non-Adhesive Scar Kits 3 to 10 inch

Small Scar Silicone "Sheets" Treatment Kits

Non-Adhesive Rectangle Scar Kits

Large scars,Large kids scars,Large skin scar,Large remove scars,Large wound healing,Large facial scar, Large skin scars, Large scar repair

Non-adhesive Kits Breast

Breast Scar Treatment Kits

C-Section Scar Healing Kits

C-Section Scar Treatment Kits

Non-Adhesive Tummy Tuck Scar Kits

Tummy Tuck Treatment Kits