Adhesive Scar Kits

Self-adhesive Silicone Sheeting Kits include:

  • self-adhesive silicone sheets
  • Hyper-heal cream 
Adhesive Silicone Scar Kits Disk

Self-Adhesive Silicone Small Scar Silicone "Disk" Treatment Kits

Rectangle Adhesive Kits

Large Scar Silicone Sheets Treatment,Large Scar Silicone Sheets Removal, Large Scar Silicone Sheets Healing

Self Adhesive Breast Kits

Breast Scar Treatment Kits

Self- Adhesive Tummy Tuck Scar Kits

These large medical grade 6 implantable grade elastomer sheets are the best value for large scar (tummy tucks) management. Because ReJuveness silicone sheeting is reusable and washable, only one sheet is required for the recommended 6 to 12 week treatment period for these long and curved surgical incisions. Rejuvenes is much less expensive over the treatment period compared to silicone gel sheeting products recommending 4 to 6 silicone sheets or silicone creams where many tubes will be required.