Surgical Scar Revision

Surgical scar revision is an effective method to correct the appearance of an old scar which didn't heal correctly. Bad scar formation is usually due to inferior surgical technique, 3rd or 4th degree burns, trauma induced laceration or a scar in a high skin tension area.  A talented Plastic Surgeon can yield remarkable results with surgical scar revison.

Recommendations: The use of ReJuveness Silicone sheeting and Hyper-Heal cream can only improve the results of your scar revision surgery. Surgical scar revision can be expensive and cost up to $5,000. For more economical scar remodeling click here

If the scar removed is keloidal or hypertrophic:  Silicone Sheeting is an absolute requirement post surgery otherwise the keloid has a 90% chance of coming back , most of the time worse. Using Rejuveness Silicone sheeting reduces the chance of reoccurance down to 5%


Recommended Products

Non-adhesive Silicone sheets 3 to 10 inch

3.2 - 7 inches, starting at $19.95

Non-Adhesive Scar Kits 3 to 10 inch

Small Scar Silicone "Sheets" Treatment Kits

Hyper-Heal Cream

ReJuveness' Hyper-Heal Scar Cream is the solution to raised and discolored scarring. Hyper-Heal cream works to produce more aesthetic results when healing fresh or problem scars raised scarring as well as return skin to its natural skin tone. The 17 gram bottle is the recommended size for healing small to medium sized scars.

Surgical Scar Revision techniques

  • fusionform-oval incision around scar
  • Z, W, M-plasty- geometric patterned incisons to relieve tension
  • shave or lateral incison -large amount of top skin removed
  • Most important suturing deep in dermis
The most pleasing scars are going to appear flat (a deep dermal tissue concern) with even color and smothness of skin which the post-operation ReJuveness products can beter assure. final remodelsing can take 12 to 18 months as type 1 collagen replaces type 3 collagen.   

ReJuveness Products recommended before or after clinical scar revision:

  • ReJuveness Silicone is implantable medical grade sheeting and non-toxic. use after revision Most other brand  silicone scar creams and gel sheeting are toxic. This is important because many clinical scar revision proceedures leave a removed or compromised skin surface. The large toxic molecules from other silicone scar brands can enter and form gramolas 
  • Use Hyper-Heal cream before and after scar revision proceedure  will provide all the ingredients for rapid re-epithelialization and scarless healing as well as promote collagenase production , the natural enzyme which removes the old collagen
  • Rapid resurfacing is the key
The ReJuveness Siliocne sheeting will help prevent some common clinical scar revision side effects, such as Hypo and Hyper-pigmentation. Hyper-heal cream will insure smooth even scar re-surfacing and finish.