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What kinds of scars does ReJuveness work on?

ReJuveness is ideal for managing both old and new scars resulting from burns, surgical procedures and traumatic events.

What are hypertrophic and keloid scars?

These are scars that are thick, raised, and sometimes darker than your surrounding skin.

Can ReJuveness be used anywhere on the body?

Yes. When used as directed, ReJuveness can be used on any part of the body.

Do I have to wear ReJuveness every day?

Yes. You should wear ReJuveness daily. Start by wearing it 2 to 3 hours the first day and gradually increase your wearing time by 1 to 2 hours a day. For best results, you should wear ReJuveness for at least 8 hours a day; however, it is possible to wear it for up to 48 hours.

How long will it take until my scar becomes less noticeable?

The length of scar management varies from person to person; treatment results depend on the age and severity of your scar and whether you wear your ReJuveness daily as directed. You can expect 6 to 12 weeks.

Will my scar disappear completely?

ReJuveness can soften, smooth and flatten your scar and dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. Keep in mind, though, that there will always be some evidence of the scar.

Does ReJuveness have any side effects?

No, but as with any topical device applied directly to the skin's surface, some type of skin reaction to ReJuveness (usually sweat rash) is possible.

Can children use ReJuveness?

Yes. When used as directed, children can use ReJuveness as an effective scar treatment.

Can ReJuveness prevent scarring disorders?

Yes. ReJuveness can prevent hypertrophic and keloid scarring and the symptoms that accompany these disorders.

Does ReJuveness come in different shapes and sizes?

Yes. Just like scars, ReJuveness comes in many shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs. You can even cut ReJuveness without damaging the sheet.

Where should I keep my ReJuveness when I'm not using it?

When you're not using it, keep ReJuveness in the convenient pouch provided in the package.

Can ReJuveness be used with other scar revision therapies?

Yes. ReJuveness can be used as an adjunct with other scar therapies. Consult your physician for most adjunct therapy.

Are there other ways to attach ReJuveness to the skin besides ReJuveness tape?

Yes. ReJuveness can be placed under tight clothing, with ace bandages or other medical tapes. You can buy ReJuveness tape from your pharmacist or order it directly from ReJuveness at 1-800-588-7455. If you prefer you can also purchase it online at our online store.

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