Non-adhesive Silicone Sheets Breast

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Original ReJuveness Silicone Sheeting  

  • Washable, reusable up to one year 
  • Non-adhesive - affixed by tape or under post-surgical or bra
  • Proven silicone formula  for over 25 years 

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  • Product Description

    Product Features

    Guaranteed Adhesive Breast Silicone Sheet Scar Treatment . Includes Washable and Reusable Silicone sheet. Two vertical breast pieces for healing scars after breast surgery. Intended for the incisions around aerola and down the middle of the breast. Most patients wear ReJuveness breast reduction pieces under a post-operational bra or under a simple sports bra while sleeping.

  • Safety Information

    Do not apply to open wounds unless sterilized.

  • Indications

    Reduction mammoplasty. round block mammoplasty. Breast reduction. breast augmentation . periareolar incision. Vertical scar. lollipop incision, inferior pedicle. anchor incision inferior pedicle flap technique, breast lift surgery.

  • Ingredients

    Pure professional medical USP Grade 6 silicone sheeting.

  • Directions

    Apply your silicone sheet after the wound is dry and not oozing any liquid. Apply for minimum of 8 hours per day up to a maximum of 48 hours of continuous treatment, adjust wearing time based on comfort. After each treatment period wash the sheeting with mild soap and air dry. The longer you wear a silicone sheet the faster your results will occur. Apply silicone sheeting utilizing the adhesive side the non-adhesive side can also be used for healing your scar. Sheeting should overlap your scarred area by at least 1 cm (1/4") all around. Tape can be used in addition to adhesive on the silicone sheet to hold silicone in place over scarred area. Average healing time is 1 to 3 months, continue treatment until scarring stops improving.

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