Derma Rolling For Scars

Reducing the appearance of scars with a skin needling treatment can be as effective as other dermaroller treatments. It is important that you understand the process so that the treatment is effective for yourself.

Scar Types

There are several types of scars, not all candidates for skin needling treatments. Because the dermaroller process increases the formation of collagen, raised Keloid and Hypertrophic scars should not undergo dermarolling treatments. The more common Atrophic Scar is far more common type and is suitable for dermaroller treatments.

Cause Of Scarring

The reason a scar remains is largely due to an imbalance of collagen and skin tissue in the area where the scar appears. Skin needling improves the color and texture of the scar.

Getting Rid Of Scars

For scarring, the dermaroller offers a proven procedure to permanently improve the skins appearance. The process can take several weeks or even months, most users should see significant improvements in the scars appearance. Not only does skin needling stimulate the healing process, it also improves absorption of ReJuveness Hyper Heal scar cream.