Appendectomy Silicone Sheets

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Our appendectomy Scar Treatment includes 1 Washable and Reusable Silicone Sheet Plus 4' of ReJuveness Tape. Effective for 6 Months of Treatment, Initial Improvement In 1 To 2 Weeks, Average Healing Time Is 1 To 3 Months.

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  • Product Description

    Product Features

  • Clinically proven appendectomy scar management
  • Softens, smoothes, improves texture, color and thickness of appendectomy scars
  • Formulation delivers high quality ingredients at a low cost
  • Eliminates itching and pain that so often accompanies appendectomy scarring
  • Induces natural collagenase production to remove excess scar tissue
  • Hyper heal is grease less and easily absorbed into skin
  • Cost effective, easy to use, soft, pliable and durable medical grade silicone

Product Description

ReJuveness silicone sheeting is a FDA Class-1 medical device clinically proven and guaranteed to provide results with our non-invasive scar treatment. Topically applied ReJuveness silicone sheeting has been shown to be effective for scar therapy in over 100 studies, regardless of the scar type, location, and age. An international panel of scientists and experts on scarring, reviewing all the studies and literature on available scar treatments, determined silicone sheeting to be a leading non-surgical evidence-based scar treatment for scar management and scar prevention. Our silicone sheeting works better than adhesive silicone sheets that require tape after a few days of usage, adhesive clogs pours of silicone sheets reducing effectiveness and frequent replacement of sheeting is required increasing the total cost of a successful treatment.

Hyper Heal scar cream is a combination of recent advancements in lipid and transdermal technology. A key ingredient is inolecleic acid within a phytophingisine base that induces collagenase production, the naturally accruing enzyme that digest and eliminates excess scar tissue. The other active ingredients are cermides which have been shown to be an upstream signal transducer for kinase-C cascade which ultimately induces fibroblast and scar tissue reduction. Post surgical patients and clinicians are reporting accelerated healing and in many instances a near scar-less appearance at the lesion site. Patients and clinicians are also reporting and accelerated healing time in keloids with the most dramatic in older more difficult to remedy keloids, often resolved in a month or two.


"We have been recommending ReJuveness for appendectomy scars and have found the results to be absolutely amazing. I have seen scars thin out. I have seen hypertrophic changes dissolve over a period of a couple of months. I have seen scars that were lumpy and irregular smooth out tremendously. it tends to be a permanent type resolution... The results are quite good. James Falcon Jr. MD, Pittsburgh, Pa ".

"Singularly, the biggest innovation in scar tactics to date. ReJuveness helps reduce dramatically the thickness of scar tissue in a surprisingly short period of time. It can be washed daily without disintegration and it lasts the entire duration of ongoing appendectomy scar treatment. James P. NY "

  • Safety Information

    Do not apply to open wound.

  • Indications

    For scars up to 40 years old when their condition involves discoloration, keloid, Hyper-pigmentation, lumpiness, itching, soreness or indentation.

  • Ingredients

    Pure professional medical USP Grade 6 silicone sheeting.

  • Directions

    Apply your silicone sheet after the wound is dry and not oozing any liquid. Apply for minimum of 8 hours per day up to a maximum of 48 hours of continuous treatment, adjust wearing time based on comfort. After each treatment period wash the sheeting with mild soap and towel dry. The longer you wear a silicone sheet the faster your results will occur. Apply silicone sheeting utilizing either side directly on your scar. Sheeting should overlap your scarred area by at least 1 cm (1/4") all around. Use tape that comes in the ReJuveness package to hold silicone over scarred area. After each treatment period wash with mild soap and towel dry. Average healing time is 1 to 3 months, continue treatment until scar stops improving.

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