Non-adhesive Silicone Sheets Tummy Tuck

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  • Wide three inch offers superior wound edge support
  • Can be worn under tight fighting garment and/or  may be taped
  • 25 year old proven fromulation
  • Washable and reusable, one piece last up to one year

Customer Reviews 

"I saw an ad for ReJuveness Tummy Tuck scar healing."

"My tummy tuck surgery left me with sore, lumpy, red skin. My doctor told me it would heal in 3 weeks. After 12 weeks it was still very visible. I tried creams and medicated pads, and spent a fortune, but they didn't work. In some cases they made it worse! My Doctor couldn't recommend anything else. I saw an ad for ReJuveness Tummy Tuck scar healing and decided to try it. I had nothing to lose. I noticed a difference in 24 hours! I could see the redness disappearing. It immediately took away the soreness and brought more of a smooth finish to my skin. It actually improved the skin texture where the surgery had left it all bumpy. I've recommended it to friends who have had surgery and my doctor was so impressed he said he is going to recommend it to his patients!

Jackie L. Alexandria, VA

"What could this silicone sheet do to my skin? "

"I thought I would have to live with my tummy tuck scar the rest of my life. I thought of having cosmetic surgery, but the doctors could not guarantee that this extremely expensive procedure would be effective. A friend told me about ReJuveness. What could this little silicone sheet do to my skin? I have been wearing it for a month now and the results are astonishing. My scar is now flattened, has smoothed tremendously, and the color is about back to normal. All this only after a month. It's a miracle. It worked fantastically and has given me my self esteem back!"

Elizabeth I.

"I couldn't believe it"

"I was a little skeptical about the results ReJuveness claimed for tummy tuck scarring, as most products rarely give the results hoped for. However, when I noticed the scar beginning to fade and disappear after only a month, I couldn't believe it. My husband, who is a physician, is even convinced. Thank you so much for helping with what I once thought was hopeless ... the disappearance of my very long scar."

Anne S.

"I have tried everything to heal my tummy tuck scar."

"This product is incredible. I have tried everything to heal my tummy tuck scar, and to no avail. Nothing has worked like ReJuveness. The redness and bumpiness of my scar after surgery is now flattened out, and it's almost as if the skin is meshing and blending back together. Everything you said in your brochure is true! What a difference ReJuveness has made in my life."

Sheila H. Las Vegas, NV



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  • Safety Information

    Do not apply to open wound unless sterilized.

  • Indications

    For prevention and management of problem scars their condition involves discoloration, keloiding, hyperpigmentation, lumpiness, itching, soreness or indentation. Also for promotion of rapid epithelialization and a more scarless appearance in normal conditions

  • Ingredients

    Pure professional medical USP Grade 6 silicone sheeting. Rejuveness tape is hypoallergenic cotton latex free

  • Directions

    Apply your silicone sheet two weeks after surgery when sutures are removed and wound is dry and not oozing any liquid. Apply for minimum of 8 hours per day up to a maximum of 48 hours of continuous treatment, adjust wearing time based on comfort. After each treatment period wash the sheeting with mild soap and towel dry. hat will activate sheeting. The longer you wear a silicone sheet the faster your results will occur. Apply silicone sheeting utilizing either side directly on your scar. Sheeting should overlap your scarred area by at least 1 cm (1/4") all around. Use tape that comes in the ReJuveness package to hold silicone over scarred area. After each treatment period wash with mild soap and towel dry. Average healing time is 1 to 3 months, continue treatment until scar stops improving.

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