Scar Treatment Kits For Trauma Scars

Scar Kits For Trauma Scars

ReJuveness scar kits combine our silicone sheeting and Hyper Heal scar cream into a daily regimen. Each product promotes the natural healing process in a different way, when combined better results are achieved.


  • Combinations allows multiple natural healing processes to work together
  • Silicone sheet is washable and reusable, only one sheet required for each scar
  • Scar cream is greaseless and easily absorbed into skin
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Silicone Disk Treatment Kits
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Silicone Mini Disk Treatment Kits
Mini Disks
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Small Silicone Sheet Treatment Kits
Small Sheets
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Large Silicone Sheet Treatment Kits
Large Sheets
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Self-Adhesive Silicone Sheet Treatment Kits
Self-Adhesive Treatment Kits
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Breast Scar Treatment Kits
Breast Pieces
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C-Section Scar Treatment Kits
C-Section Sheets
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Tummy Tuck Scar Treatment Kits
Tummy Tuck Sheets
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