Derma Rolling For Aged Skin Information

Anti Aging

Over time, our skin naturally ages loosing textures and color. There are ways of slowing the signs of aging through lifestyle choices, the natural ability of the skin to renew and retain it's elasticity is something everybody eventually loses. Skin needling aims to boost the way in which young healthy skin naturally keeps itself looking fresh.

Anti Aging Derma Roller Treatment

Skin needling is just one of the ways in which it is possible to fight the signs of aging and there are two unique advantages to the process. The first is the stimulation of collagen production which mimics the behavior of younger skin. The second is the boost in effectiveness of topically applied products.

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Aged Skin Derma Roller Benefits

By rolling over the upper surface of skin, the tiny needles create light trauma. The skins natural reaction is to counteract this micro trauma through collagen production. This is a normal response in and more closely replicates the rate at which collagen is generated in younger more virile skin.

The second benefit of the process is the boost to the rate at which creams and serums are absorbed by the skin. Usually acting as a barrier, the micro channels created during the skin needling process allows a temporary channel through to the lower layers of skin. This means nutrients and active ingredients from any products applied are boosted considerably.

So not only is the skin stimulated into natural re-generation, the nutrients and moisture boosts from skin care products working at optimal levels give the skin a perfect environment to restore and improve itself to a former look and feel. You can see a more detailed description of how skin needling works by following the link.