Rejuveness - Heal Scars

Post Surgical Tummy Tuck Scarring Treatment

Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty) surgery usually leaves a curved or arched post-surgical scar anywhere between fifteen to sixty inches. Some leading Plastic Surgeons direct their patients to address tummy tuck scars with ReJuveness silicone sheeting as soon as the wound bed becomes dry (about two weeks after surgery). This preventive type of scar management greatly diminishes the chances of problem scar occurrence, such as hypertrophic, keloidal (prolonged bumpy and red scars) as well as atrophic (indented scars) hyperpigmentation (prolong darkening) and Hypopigmentation (whiteness). The preventative method of scar management by using ReJuveness silicone sheeting guarantees the most aesthetic looking scar if no action was otherwise taken. To obtain the best results add Hyper-heal cream to the regiment. Hyper-heal cream is composed of skin identical Ceramides, cholesterol and essential fatty acids that compose the top layers of skin. These skin identical lipids are in a PLO trans dermal formulation that penetrate into the skin and rebuild the top layer called the stratum corneum from the inside out. Patients report back scarless or near scar less results when using the combination of ReJuveness silicone sheeting and Hyper-Heal cream on surgical scars when used early on in this preventive manner. Time of treatment in a preventive protocol is usually six weeks or less. If the preventive scar management is not taken, a problem scar such as a keloid or hypertrophic scarring do occur, ReJuveness silicone sheeting or the combination of ReJuveness silicone sheeting and hyper-Heal cream can be used to flatten scar and resume normal skin tone color. Scar Management with an existing problem scar can take anywhere from six to twelve weeks or more. If hyper-pigmentation has occurred in the scar Hyper-heal cream can be used by itself or in combination with the ReJuveness silicone sheeting. If Hypo-pigmentation (whiteness) has occurred you will need to add the Rejuve Derma Roller to re-stimulate the wound bed and accomplish an even blended skin tone. The advantage of ReJuveness Scar Management products in Tummy Tuck scars over other brands.

ReJuveness silicone sheeting- besides being the safest silicone sheeting on the market it is also the most effective. Although the 20" $120 price tag may seem expensive at first the recommending Physician and patient should remember that only one sheet is needed during the whole six to twelve week treatment period. The one sheet is simply washed with a gentle soap between uses. Other scar management brands that are Silicone Gel sheeting fall apart after a week or so and need to be replaced with a brand new sheet. That could be a pretty expensive proposition with a large scar like a tummy tuck scar (multiply the $60 - $120 by 6 to 12 weeks). Also the ReJuveness Tummy Tuck sheeting is three inches wide so it comfortably covers the curved arc of the Tummy Tuck scar. This means that a ReJuveness Tummy Tuck silicone sheeting can be worn by simply taping the corners and placing a garment over such as pantie hose or post-surgical garment. Although ReJuveness offers a self-adhesive silicone sheeting we do not recommend it for larger sheets, such as the tummy tuck sizes. The adhesive becomes much less affective and one needs to use tape after a day or so anyway. The adhesive also plugs the pores and interferes with the active action of the silicone sheeting. Hyper-Heal Scar cream- This is simply the most effective scar cream on the market today. The ingredients are skin identical lipids and a pluronic transdermal gel which has traditionally only used by compounding Pharmacist in their transdermal formulation. We use very expensive ingredients and the manufacture is expensive and our profit margin is very low on this cream. We keep it that way because we have to compete against creams that are cheaper such as Mederma which has been largely rejected as an effective scar cream by scientist and clinician alike. Other brands such as Bio-oil have the same principle of using oils that contain lioneic acid (amu oil) but they formulated in a primitive way where they just ineffectively sit on top of the skin unless aggressively rubbed in. On the other hand ReJuveness Hyper-Heal cream is made of skin identical ceramides 1, 2, 3, cholesterol and essential fatty acids that immediately penetrate into skin within seconds where they are delivered to the lamellar bodies and used as building blocks to rebuild the top layer of skin or the stratum corneum. The ceramides are also acting on keloid fibroblast as to effectively reduce the overproduction of scar tissue as well as impacting melanin as to resume normal skin tone. What more could one ask from a scar cream than what hyper-Heal deliver.