French Lavender Cleansing Bar

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Our formula originates from a 200 year old formula from France, we combine the highest grade pure essential oil of lavender which is imported from the south of France.

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  • Product Description

    Product Features

  • No harmful chemicals and excess lye
  • Leaves a gentle coat on your skin to contain moisture
  • Oats are used for exfoliation
  • Lasts much longer than regular soap
  • Easily removes makeup

Product Description

Most commercial soaps have chemicals and excess lye that strip the skin and allow for chemicals to seep into your body. These soaps have become a problem in the skin care industry, companies are pressed to kill germs with harmful chemicals that are very hazardous. They accumulate in small amounts with each use and create problems after continual accumulation. Many of the chemicals that make soaps smell good are from the same foundation as the greases we use on our cars and the gasoline that powers our automobiles.

Even fragrances (man made synthetic compounds) can be great smelling and yet be composed of benzenes and other compounds similar to gasoline. Small amounts of poisons are entering our bodies daily through our third kidney known as our skin.

Our formula goes back 200 years

It originates from a French King and combines the highest grade pure essential oil of lavender imported from the south of France.

The French King was very particular about his soaps and had court soap makers tailor their creations to the desires of the royal family. It wasn't until the 1700s that a way was discovered to make caustic soap (sodium hydroxide) economically.

For safety, the French soap makers would add extra fats and oils to their formulations. The reason for this was that any possibility of excess lye would become impossible, as the fats and oils would pair evenly with the sodium hydroxide lye. Any fats and oils remaining would help provide moisture barrier by coating the skin surface with a mild fat or oil and a natural glycerin that was formed in the soap making process (not glycerin as in the soaps sold in stores that contain alcohol which is drying).

A cleansing bar that soothes

This soap has stood the test of time, for both our customers and in the history of soap making. We use palm, olive and coconut oils in that order. These oils are added in abundance so there will be oils remaining so as to counter balance and neutralize the alkaline and drying lye. What is left is moisture holding glycerin, that comes from the soap making process and the excess oils that will leave a gentle coat on your skin to contain moisture. Oats are used for exfoliation and the worlds strongest base of French Lavender, essential oil is added. This cleansing bar lasts much longer than regular soap, but don not leave in a dish with water, as it would dissolve the soap.

The soaps excess fats and oils are capable of easily removing makeup, which is something unique. We use a foil wrapper to preserve the pure, essential lavender oil (which kills bacteria naturally).

  • Safety Information

    Do not apply to open wound.

  • Indications

    For dry and hard to clean skin

  • Ingredients

    Highest grade pure essential oil of lavender, oats, palm, olive, coconut oil, and no "petro chemicals"

  • Directions

    Apply with water

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