Dark Spot Remover FORMULA # 4

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This product is a combination of proprietary blend of natural wild crafted oils that fade away brown spots and heal other skin conditions. Formula 4 is a food grade product and is safe around eyes and areas that would otherwise be sensitive to the chemical products used in the skin care industry.

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  • Product Description

    Product Features

  • Fades away brown spots (liver spots)
  • Wart Removal
  • Heals skin ulcers
  • Thickens eyebrow and eye lashes
  • Softens and reverses hemroids

  • Softens dry feet
  • Leaves skin like velvet
  • Product Description

    Even though we mention this blend of natural plant oils as a brown spot fade away product, it's multiplicity of uses is much more broader. In what ever application it is used, keep in mind that it is very concentrated, viscous oil and that because of it's viscosity penetration can only be accomplished by rubbing and massaging the oil into the area you want to penetrate.


    " I have brown spots on the back of my hand Formula four massaged twicw a day removed the spots in one month"

    "I had a raised papilloma that was skin colored and looked like a small grape(raised papule) that was decreased in 6 weeks"

    " A brown mole on my cheek has dissapeared in 3 weeks and this area also matches my skin color"

  • Safety Information

    Do not apply to open wound.

  • Indications

    For brown spots, liver spots, Wart Removal, skin ulcers,Thin eyebrow and eye lashes, Soften and reverse hemroids, Soften dry feet, restores healthyness to skin.

  • Ingredients

    100% food grade natural plant oils.

  • Directions

    Store at room temperature and keep away from sunlight.

    Apply morning and night massage and rub in oil 20 times or more. Wipe off excess with tissue.

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