Burn Scar Treatment

Burn Scar Treatment

Accelerate the healing process with the ReJuveness regiment for burn scars, make your healing journey more comfortable and safe with your skin restored to it's natural texture and color.


  • Clinically proven scar management for burn scars
  • Softens, smoothes, improves texture, color and thickness of problem burn scars
  • Eliminates itching and pain that so often accompanies burn scarring
  • Cost effective, easy to use, soft, pliable and durable medical grade silicone
  • Reusable and washable, just one sheet needed required for treatment
  • Over 50 sizes, launched in 1994 with over 1 million satisfied patients
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View: Adhesive Small  Silicone Sheets

Adhesive Small Silicone Sheets

View: Small  Silicone Sheets

Small Silicone Sheets

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Small Silicone Sheet Treatment Kits

View: Adhesive Small Silicone Kits

Adhesive Small Silicone Kits

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Adhesive Large Silicone Sheets

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Large Silicone Sheets



If the burn scarring is flat and discolored only our scar cream is required. If scarring is raised and/or indented silicone sheeting is required. For maximum results we recommend our discounted scar kits that combine silicone sheeting and scar cream for the treatment of the scarring.

Pro's and Con's of adhesive silicone sheeting.

Pro's - self adhesive silicone sheeting is kept in place over the scar without the use of medical tape.

Con's - sheeting may require taping if your treatment time is extended. Stickiness is also affected by the oiliness of your skin. Can be less effective as adhesive can clog pores in sheets and disks over extended treatment time.

General Information:

There are three major types of burn related problem scars: Keloid, Hypertrophic and Contractures. Keloid scars are an overgrowth of scar tissue. The scar will grow beyond the site of the injury. These scars are generally red or pink and will become a dark tan over time. Hypertrophic scars are red, thick and raised, however they differ from Keloid scars in that they do not develop beyond the site of injury or incision. A contracture scar is a permanent tightening of skin that may affect the underlying muscles and tendons that limit mobility and possible damage or degeneration of the nerves.

The earlier you address burn scars the better chance you will to prevent problem scarring and insure the most aesthetic looking results. Rejuveness also works to normalize problem scarring that has already formed. Used by burn centers around the world for patients with extreme burns Rejuveness silicone sheeting can immediately subside itching related to keloidal and hypertrophic scars and help flatten and bring these normal scars back to normal skin color. ReJuveness silicone sheeting also relieves and loosen the tightness associated with contracted burn scars. Finally the silicone sheeting will help reduce the hypopigmentation (whiteness) usually associated with a healed burn scar.

The Hyper-Heal cream is also used by burn clinics by itself as a burn salve. A burn involves the elimination of the top layers of skin. Hyper-Heal cream delivers skin identical lipids to the lower levels of the skin and provides the ceramides, cholesterol and essential fatty acids to rebuild the stratum corneum or top layer of skin so healing signals and cascades generated from this area can commence.

ReJuveness may be laid down over bedding or wrapped around body and limbs. Call 1-800-588-7455 for custom sizes to treat burn scars.

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