Wound Scar Treatment

Wound Scars

Accelerate the healing process with the ReJuveness regimen for all wound type scars, make your healing journey more comfortable and safe with your skin restored to it's natural texture and color.


  • Multiple sizes for wound scarring
  • Lessens redness, bumpiness, pain and itching of for wound surgery scars
  • Reusable and washable; only one sheet required for the duration of treatment
  • Use with Hyper Heal cream for penetration to wound scarring
  • Economical save over silicone gel products with superior results
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View: Adhesive Small  Silicone Sheets

Adhesive Small Silicone Sheets

View: Small  Silicone Sheets

Small Silicone Sheets

View: Small Silicone Sheet Treatment Kits

Small Silicone Sheet Treatment Kits

View: Adhesive Small Silicone Kits

Adhesive Small Silicone Kits

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Adhesive Large Silicone Sheets

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Large Silicone Sheets

When a wound heals, a scar takes its place. The skin, being a complex organ derived of skin layers, heals by the formation of a predominantly fibrous tissue, a scar. If the injury sections or destroys the papillary layer of the stratum corneum, a scar will always be formed. Sometimes it may be disfiguring, examples of disfiguring scars include keloids, widened scars, and hypertrophied scars. Both keloid and hypertrophic scars are wounds that heal to fast above the skin surface.
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